Top Ten Ways to Survive a Talking Angela Conspiracy

This list is not to insult business or a scare. It's just to keep you folks safe. When I have this app, She ask perverted questions like what's my name, my age, my parents' names and she ask me to say that I'm overweight. That's not nice because if we don't have the right to make fun of her, Why do she gets the right to insult the users. Don't download this or Talking Ginger. You can download the other apps of OutFit7. Their safer. Plus, Don't download it if your curios, Ask people about it

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1 Make sure you cover your front facing camera with ductape

"She" can't see you via your back camera lens."She" sees you via your front facing camera. Keep ductape on it."Angela"can still see you if you download it on a fifth generation device. And "Angela"is really taking pictures of you - MLPFan

2 Don't tell "her" any personal things about you

One Time Angela Asked Me How Old I Was

She ask stuff like what I mention in the description. She also asks what type of dog you have, What colour is your house, where do you go to school/work, She'll even ask where you live (your home address). This really happen to a 7 year old girl. Though, just make random made up names or ages or streets - MLPFan

When she asks me "what's your name? " I say "I don't need to tell you, kidnapper." - AnonymousChick

Angela: What's your name?
Me: I went in yo momma and made you
Angela: :O - TwilightKitsune

3 Whatever you do, do not use the microphone

In Talking angela:the real deal, It says that "Angela" will ask more perverted questions to you if you use it - MLPFan

4 Don't believe "her" words that try to gain your trust

Don't believe words like "Why would you be scared of me, I'm just a nice kitty! "She is just lying to you! Quickly say 'I am not believing your lies and I am not telling my personal information' - MLPFan

5 Zoom to her eyes at any image of her in your device

If you don't have the app but have some images of her, Don't delete them after reading this. Zoom to her eyes and show them to any police at your nearest police station. They will now what to do. Please, immediately report to the police to hunt down this stalker for ruining Outfit7's business. - MLPFan

6 Don't believe people who say that it's the French cafè

The rumor isn't true. It's just something someone posted on Facebook to scare people gullible enough to believe it. If there was a man in her eyes, then the app would have been taken down from the app store, and Outfit7 would be sued.

Don't believe the people who said that it's the Cafe. How could a cafe of talking animals who walk with 2 legs would have humans on it? Plus, it doesn't seem to be a reflection. The view is moving differently - MLPFan

7 Do not use the heart button

It's mentioned by the other users that it's not to read fortune cookies. It's for taking photos of you. - MLPFan

8 Before downloading it, search on Google for 'talking Angela eyes' or 'talking Angela dangerous' or something like that

This will help you for your safety. People who say it's dangerous did play this app. So, by reading up things that are asking the mystery, you would understood deeper about this - MLPFan

9 Don't say or type "illuminati" when playing it

Cause she is illuminati my friend said this to her by accident while having a conversation with me while the app was on

"If you say illuminati, I will turn on your flash"Quoted from Coco & Carmella's bloggy.
Don't ever do this! - MLPFan

10 Delete the app

If you don't like it, delete it. Plus like MLPFan mentioned, it's dangerous.

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11 Smash your device


12 Leave it on child mode
13 Don't think it's a joke

Never make to download or play this app as a dare when playing truth or dare. Dangerous Dare+Hacked game=Great Danger - MLPFan

14 Replace it with Minecraft
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1. Make sure you cover your front facing camera with ductape
2. Don't tell "her" any personal things about you
3. Whatever you do, do not use the microphone


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