Top Ten Ways Taylor Swift Is Better Than Justin Bieber


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1 Taylor Swift has a great songs

Safe and sound, Mean, bad blood. (I am a Katy-cat and I still like bad blood) - AnonymousChick

Some may be about her exes, but other great songs don't. Their lyrics actually have meaning.

"she does have the greatest songs ever! "

I love bad blood it's my favorite song I like Justin Bieber ok

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2 Taylor Swift is talented

Who can play 4 instruments?

Me, I know how to play 4 instruments, but not as well as Taylor, she is so awesome and talented!

100% true! ( guaranteed )

3 Justin Bieber's "Baby" is the worst song ever

Annoying as hell.

Um... Not exactly but its not very good either.

That's true

4 Taylor Swift donates money

People say that Taylor is greedy, she is not, she earns a lot of money and then donates, that isn't greedy

Taylor Swift donates all sell from her song, Welcome To New York to New York City Library. - BeaM456

One of the reasons I like her.

Right I agree, she's generous

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5 Taylor Swift visits children's hospitals

I saw her on UK, I love it! - BeaM456

6 Taylor Swift is pretty

Since we're not judging with the music on this list, this reason is actually valid.

Duh, she's actually one of the most beautiful.girls I've seen.

7 Taylor Swift's voice is better than Justin Bieber's

Yes, its much much better than Justin bribery.

8 Taylor Swift can play instruments

Yes she can, she can play guitar very well!

Justin can play four instruments... - Russex


9 Taylor Swift is nice to her fans

Unlike Justin Bieber who spits at his "fans".

10 Taylor Swift is great role model

The Newcomers

? She is too sweet while Justin is arrogant as hell

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11 Taylor Swift You Belong With Me is the best song in the world
12 Taylor Swift sings better

That's not true She can only sing soprano

13 Justin Bieber hangs out with Mayweather

Yeah, they are a couple of pussies...

14 Taylor Swift's songwriting is better

I know right

15 Taylor Swift never called The Beatles a crap band

She even called them a great role model.

16 Taylor Swift never pissed in a mop bucket

WHAT? - KcSunshine1

17 Taylor Swift can rap

She rapped lose yourself and jumpman

18 She loves her cats

Taylor Swift is awesome she is just plain awesome

19 She is sexy
20 Taylor Swift actually uses her vocals instead of whining about the word baby
21 Her lyrics as very clever
22 She is honest
23 She is cooler
24 Justin's tattoos make him look creepy.
25 Taylor Swift posts the making of her songs
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