Top Ten Ways to Tell If Donald Trump Has Broken Into Your Home and Lived There for a Week

You were out for a week, and suddenly your house is a mess! But this is no ordinary mess. It's richer, more fortunate, more…different.
Who broke into your home? How do we catch the criminal? By the evidence, of course. And the evidence shows that a certain rich Republican broke into your home…
The Top Ten
1 You can smell very expensive perfume all over your house

It's so expensive that it smells disgusting or strange to you at first. Then you notice that its very expensive, and will probably be the first and last luxury item your nose smells.

2 You find bikinis and price tags in the rooms

He probably invited the Miss America models for a night or two and took went to the beach and shopping sprees, but left in a hurry when they noticed time flew and you were coming home. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

3 All the hair products have not been touched

Because his hair is fake and it doesn't require daily maintenance like normal hair.

His hair is faker than my weave, and my weaves are fabulous *whips hair*

4 You notice that the fridge has no food

Maybe he ate all of it.

What if YOU ate it all?

MAGA takes energy and so does winning

5 There's MAGA merchandise everywhere

That made be indication of some of my family members be a big fan of him - BorisRule

Who would turn down free stuff

Why would I vote for you when you just broke into my house? - BlueTopazIceVanilla

6 Your Wi-Fi password has been changed to iwuvTrump

If my password was changed how would I know what it is now

7 You see white powdery stuff in the couch

Powdered sugar? - RoseWeasley

How did he get so rich anyway? I guess that just proves my theory that he sold tons of drugs to get where he is today. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

Cocaine? - 12cc

8 Your TheTopTens account suddenly has lists praising Donald Trump

See, this is why you don't have to stay logged on all the time, or Donald Trump will break into your home and use TTT to get more voters.

Me: *goes on my profile*
Profile: Trump is love, Trump is life.
Me: What the-

That wouldn't be a change for me, haha!

Avoid Trump.

9 You feel colder or hotter than usual

He made me great again

He changed the AC to fit his liking.

10 You can smell alcohol and wine in the kitchen
The Contenders
11 You find a bottle of toupee gel in your medicine cabinet
12 Your Mexican neighbors are gone

Ironically, I do have neighbors with Mexican descent. I’ll make sure they aren’t gone when I come back from business trips or vacations

13 You find Trump pictures
14 You hear the words "Make America great again!" being screamed all the time
15 You smell farts
16 Your bathroom has a swastika in it

The fat racist.

17 You see shoe dents in your walls
18 Rats are gnawing on rotten food
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