Best Ways to Tell If You Are an Introvert

No one is 100% introvert and no one is 100% extravert, but you can be 80 to 90 percent of one or the other...

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1 You have to use energy to be in a social event

This is the epitome of introvert-ism. Many extrovert friends don't understand this, extroverts gain a sort of high from being in public or hanging out in groups, introverts have to use their own energy to be around people (especially groups). Extroverts often mistake this or shyness and will try to get their introvert friends to get out more... - HTML_RuleZ_D00D

That definitely sounds like me, whenever I have to talk in class, I always get all stressed up and it's usually annoying - darthvadern

I don’t even bother going to social events unless it’s a family event. - 3DG20

2 Your favorite thing to do is read

This isn't a definite way of telling, but many introverts prefer reading over just about anything. - HTML_RuleZ_D00D

I love read, but it's not my favourite though - darthvadern

I consider myself an introvert, but I am not a book fan. - 3DG20

I love reading and I'm a definite extrovert! - RiverClanRocks

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3 People always say you look intense

This one, haha, it's definitely true for me... - HTML_RuleZ_D00D

This never happens to me. - 3DG20

Lol, nope. - Entranced98

4 Your thoughts are in more of a narration rather then simple straight thought

This is debated weather it is just how some people think or if it's a difference between intros and extros. Before I read about this I was confused because I had always thought everyone thinks in narration... - HTML_RuleZ_D00D

5 You are great at writing

Writing seems to come easier to me, but again, this isn't a definite way to tell... - HTML_RuleZ_D00D

I have always loved writing. It's a way of expressing myself. - ShyChick

Eh, I'd say I'm okay at it at best. I'm no Oscar Wilde. - Entranced98

I'm not - darthvadern

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6 You can stare at a wall and think for hours without being bored

Yes, that's me, I just love staring at a wall and thinking of things, it's so fun in my opinion - darthvadern

This can be confused with ADHD, when instead of being distracted by nothingness, introverts will be focusing on a subject for hours... - HTML_RuleZ_D00D

Not at all. - 3DG20

7 You prefer to think before speaking

I rather do this than anything else in the group -_- - SexySiren666

That's perfectly normal for me. - ShyChick

Person A "Do you want to go to walmart? "
Person A: "Is it a yes or no..."
Introvert: "... Ok."

That time lapse was about 2 seconds by the way. - HTML_RuleZ_D00D

8 You hate working in groups

God, group work is the worst. - HTML_RuleZ_D00D

I do all the work and nobody else wants to contribute, but rather copy.

It's my least favorite thing and one of the reasons I hate school. - ShyChick

This is true for me, even if I was allowed to pick my group. - 3DG20

9 You like people, but you need to not speak to people for a few hours if you have a conversation longer then 20 minutes

I don’t think so. - 3DG20

10 You consider a friend a close person you can put all your trust in instead of a person you met and you think is kinda cool.

For me they're both friends, only the former is a best friend. - Entranced98

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11 You don't go out on Weekends

That's me - darthvadern

12 You're very shy around most people

That's me, unless it's with the family - darthvadern

I’m not shy, I just like being alone most of the time. - 3DG20

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1. You have to use energy to be in a social event
2. Your favorite thing to do is read
3. People always say you look intense


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