Top Ten Ways to Tell You Spend Too Much Time on the Internet

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You visit the same sites every day

Yep, and keep doing it every day over and over again. Like I'm stucked in here. - Userguy44

True that, very true. Sometimes I'm on the internet all night. Lol

I never believed them when they told me it only took one website to become addicted until it happened to me... Oh wait they said that about drugs? Same thing. - TheYaoiTitanic

Slowly, but surely, I'm giving up YouTube.

And I'm already beyond help with the time I spend here. - keycha1n

You get annoyed when you have to get off of it and do something else

Definitely. After school, I like to read in my room and play outside. On no school days, I'm outside all day. But as soon as dinner is over, my Internet time is an ongoing 7 hours. I never get to sleep until about 3:30. - RockFashionista

Yup, this was me... I don't know if this still applies to me, but I still spend hours on the internet every day.

"Oh, come on! My grandparents will be here for two months! I have plenty of time to spend with them! " -groans- - StickfeatherShip

The internet can however be quite addicting. It is a powerful tool - Mewtwo_

You do something online and eagerly await a response from someone on what you did

I do that when I make a post. Lol.

Haha this is me on Instagram and Wishbone. - RockFashionista

This is definitely me. 100% me online. - JaysTop10List

Mostly from my blog posts.l.l

The first thing you do upon booting your computer is open your web browser


Lol so true - StickfeatherShip

You associate memes with everyday life

Oh, this is my mom. She showed me this Facebook meme from one of her friends that said,
at least I think that's what it said... - StickfeatherShip

You have multiple browser tabs open simultaneously

This may mean you have your school project and educational websites open across different tabs.

I browse with at least 24 tabs open.

You argue over which web browser is the best

Mom: GOOGLE IS THE BEST Me: NO THETOPTENS IS THE BEST! mom: Google me: THETOPTENS! And that argue is going to go over and over again.

You're wrong if you don't think it's chrome.

Chrome is the best. - keycha1n

I prefer Firefox.

Google Chrome, people.
That's like asking me if my username is RockFashionista. - RockFashionista

You look up a solution for a problem online more often than you do offline

The Internet is how the eight year old me discovered the "reproductive process." I Googled "what does it mean to be a virgin"? - RockFashionista

All the time!

You sit at the same spot all day long

But my bed is just sooo comfy - NightJinx

You can get up and move if you are using a phone and tablet.

Nah, same sites, different spots.

Most of the people you make friends with you've only met online

The only people I make friends with are online. - RockFashionista

It’s easier to make friends online because they don’t judge you on your looks. It’s about personality. - NightJinx

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You use more than one electronic at a time

I use 2 iPads and sometimes also my phone at the same time

Just for like music or copying something down. - NightJinx

Wait, what did that say again? -grabs phone and flips through texts- oh right - StickfeatherShip

A headset and a phone to listen to music. That is using 2 electronics, but not going online.

You make a list on TheTopTens about spending too much time on the internet
You see a list on TheTopTens about spending too much time on the internet and add an item to be ironic or funny

Wait velitalcabal, what can be done in this list next is, after the "You make a list on TheTopTens about spending too much time on the internet" item, we add "You see a list on TheTopTens about spending too much time on the internet and add an item to be ironic or funny" and then after that, "You see an item on TheTopTens list called "Top Ten Ways to Tell If You Spend Too Much Time On the Internet" called "You see a list on TheTopTens about spending too much time on the internet and add an item to be ironic or funny" and add another item addressing that one in order to be even more ironic or funny."

Delving into inception territory! - NuMetalManiak


I comment instead of adding items lol

You end up desperate enough to start doing buzzfeed quizzes.

Sadly - NightJinx

You think people who doesn't know the latest internet viral thing either lives under a rock or is old

You don't know what Grumpy Cat is? -gasps and dies- - StickfeatherShip

You insult other people

This doesn't make sense. - Userguy44

Your electricity bill gets higher
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