Top Ten Ways To Tell a Myspace Geek

(This is all in good fun, and if you can't laugh at yourself.. )

The Top Ten

1 You Are Still In My Extended Network..

I mean, is that the best you can do! Tell me something about yourself.

2 EEEEKKK.. You have no background.

It's called Google! Do a search for a Myspace background copy it in your about me section and get on the ball!

3 Your main pic is a photo you took at sears 5 to 10 years ago..

Styles change so fast, and those mullets and poof bangs are a thing of the past.. get a digital camera!

4 You still have graphics on your page from last season..

Hey I like Halloween and recycling for that matter but come on..

5 There are broken bits of html code on your page

This is common when people toy with their code to work it out right, but if the seems are showing the garment is ruined.

6 Your background is the same as it was since you opened your account..

Ok, yey you at least know how to put up a background but hey just for the sake of keeping things interesting.. I'm just saying. LOL

7 You have no blog entries..

I'm guilty. but blogging is just so boring to me - awesomenessdefined

Blogging is the new texting so try it!

8 You can't control your song because you don't know how you got it on there in the first place..

this is particularly annoying, someone always has the same song or background.

9 Your friends are all people who really are in your extended network.

It's time to move on a little, it's so easy to meet new people.. get with it!

10 When you leave comments there is a little tag advertising some site cuz you don't know how to take it off..

It's called "cut". It's on your right click button, check it out.

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