Top Ten Ways to Tell That a Woman's Breasts Are Fake

We've all wanted this ability. Is your supermodel calls herself natural girlfriend a fake? Well, here's the top 10 ways to find out

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1 They are harder

This is officially the weirdest list ever made. - RockFashionista

Natural breasts will feel quite soft, if they feel hard they're a pair of falsies! - Cazaam

2 They seem to defy gravity

Natural breasts respond to gravity and movement. Falsies, not so much, they tend to stay where they are and don't move as freely. - Cazaam

3 They are very spherical in shape

Natural breasts are more full at the bottom, you can see the descent from the chest. For fakes, you'll see that they are more even on top like the bottom. - Cazaam

4 They have a "ring" around them

If you've seen all these celebrities showing off their cleavage, I guarantee you'll see a few with these "rings" around their breasts. Those are fakes! - Cazaam

5 Their nipples aren't symmetrical

Often the result of a botched boob job. Sorry girl, you're not fooling anyone. - Cazaam

6 There's scar lines near the breasts

Often from the surgery... Duh! - Cazaam

7 Inflated cleavage

Either from a Wonderbra, or those silicone implants lurking inside. - Cazaam

8 A small chin to nipple distance

If this is a short distance, they've been store bought. - Cazaam

9 Too much space in between the breasts

Just look at Victoria Beckham for example. - Cazaam

10 One breast is higher than the other

Another sign of a botched boob job - Cazaam

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11 They're too big
12 They fall off
13 They don't bounce
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1. They are harder
2. They seem to defy gravity
3. They are very spherical in shape
1. They are harder
2. They're too big
3. One breast is higher than the other



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