Top Ten Ways TheTopTens Was Better In 2014 Than In 2015

2015 is better than 2014 for everything else but for this site 2014 was a better time.

The Top Ten

1 100 Items Per Page Instead of 20 Items Per Page

20 items per page started in 2015 in May.

2 Fewer Trolls

TheTopTens gain a lot more trolls this year than last year.

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3 No Reasons to Hate Christians List

THis list is good but many users don't like it and that's why I put it there.

4 Better Lists Were Made

I enjoy the list from 2014 more than in 2015

5 More Good Users Joined

2015 users are not good in my opinion but 2014 users are way better. Like Danteem is better than Therandom.

6 Britgirl Is More Popular and Visit a Lot More Often

She was way more popular in 2014 but than a Glitch happen and she stops visiting and retired.

7 Less Nonsense Jokes

Jokes from Delgia2k were very nonsense and it ruin his site. In 2014 jokes didn't really happen.

8 Less Arguments

I want 2016 to be better and I don't want more arguments in is site.

9 Danteem Didn't Retire

He retire in 2015 but in 2014 at the end of that year he took a long long break and came back in June 2015 and many things change everyday.

10 Less Strict

You can get banned a little more easily in 2015 but extremely rarely in 2014

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