Ways to Tell if Someone is a Psycho

Ever notice someone do really weird things. Ever notice someone being crazy? Let us know what to look out for!!

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21 They become interested in geography lessons

I like geography. This makes me a psycho? - RockFashionista

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22 They keep voting for Ann Wilson

Shows you how many crazy people are on this site. - RdrTech

23 They keep voting for Gunther

These people need to be caught and tranquilized - Bec

24 They come up to you and say...where's my sunshine?
25 They become interested in death

They are interested in death more than life and hence they become psychos. A psycho is a person who is very interested in the opposite face of reality.

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26 They like Justin Bieber

Hey now, I am not psycho and I am a twelve year old girl... But the thing is, I hate Justin Bieber. So am I okay? I hope so. I would rather listen to thrash metal than this thing. In fact, I am right now!

So... all twelve year old girls are psychos? Never knew that.

I'll never understand why anyone even likes him. Justin Bieber's a jackass!

So everyone who likes Justin Bieber is a psycho? - Neonco31

27 They think that Jonas Brothers is the best band in the world
28 Their favorite movie is Psycho

And they want to reandact it

The name though - Neonco31

29 They keeping voting for Gillian Anderson

Silly Gilly, (Gillian Anderson Fans) leave us alone! You're freak.

I've never seen fans so idiotic like this woman attracts.
They are so rude and aggressive. They suck.

30 They like 30 Seconds to Mars

Does being neutral to them counts? - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

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31 They live in a world of thier own

I can't tell the difference between the real world and my imaginary world. - RockFashionista

No, such people are either isolated for certain reasons or dreamers.

32 They have to feel in control and will go out of their way to make you feel miserable
33 They know what you are thinking

I'd like to know how to read minds, but I don't want to meet a mind reader because I imagine insane and weird things a lot - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

Scary cause I'm thinking something personal right now, just saying

34 They like the Green Lantern movie
35 They just like Lady Gaga
36 They make a list called "Ways to Tell if Someone is Pyscho"
37 Have an attraction to pre-teens at the age of 40
38 They are determined to have sex with every young woman they meet
39 They have a split personality

I consider my identity to represent five different characters but that's normal right?

40 They perfectly imitate the axe scenes of Jack Torrance in The Shining
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