Ways to Tell if Someone is a Psycho


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41 Huge ego + they are in love with themselves
42 They continue to dye their hair a lot and try to constantly change the way they look
43 They smell bad
44 They casually insult you constantly; then after awhile you notice the insults are created from material about something that hurts your feelings that you recently told them about...and they just say you are emotional....
45 They love being in the centre of negative attention
46 They like to irritate others
47 If someone is about 15 plus years older than you, and they want to become close friends with you

The people their own age realize they are psychos and stay away from them. So they look for younger people to try to use. They might want money from you, or they could be sexual predators, or they might be rude to you and start arguments with you because they enjoy being rude and they enjoy arguing. Or all of the above. My advice, stay the hell away from anyone like this.

Just because you have friends much older than you doesn't make you a psycho. As long as you're just friends, age doesn't matter. There's nothing wrong with having friends older than you are.

48 Psychos Are Emotionless

I feel emotionless all the time. And when I do have emotions, they're not good ones. (Mostly anxiety, anger, depression, agitation, irritability.) - RockFashionista

49 They try to kill people whenever they get angry

I remember when I was little, about seven, I tried to kill my brother because a creepy shadow told me to. I still can't get over that. I hope my brother isn't traumatized forever. I'd kill myself if that were the case. - RockFashionista

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50 They join the KKK
51 They have a plan to destroy a whole city
52 They just go around hitting the "thumbs down" button because everyone is an idiot

I thought they were all morons until I realized I was just a psycho

53 They live In Seattle

Ya, because quiet people who like reading and watching rain are crazy

54 The try to kill all the time

Happy; DEATH. sad; DEATH. DEATH all the time

They should, and they would. I'm jealous

55 They cut themselves

I actually do this myself for several and understandable reasons. Some that people don't care about

56 They are obsessed with you and stalk you V 1 Comment
57 They Think Music is Getting Better

This is just the perfect sign! Music is NOT getting ANY better! It's getting ten times as worse as it was as time goes by!

I'm practically psycho and the only music I ever listen to besides rock and metal is 80's music. - RockFashionista

I think I'm in a great danger now because I just realized that almost everyone I met is actually a psycho! - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

58 They're playing BioShock with covered eyes.

A great game but you're crazy or even insane, when you can do that. It's like you are on drugs. Just like the citizens of Rapture.

59 They eat salami with marmalade
60 If they are named Eduardo

Really? Really? Because of their name? If anything it's their parent's fault - AnonymousChick

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