Ways to Tell if Someone is a Psycho


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61 They think they are the best and they know it all.

These aren't psychos, sweetie - they're AMERICANS! - Britgirl

62 They take their pet rock for a "walk"
63 They hate reality

Hating reality doesn't make a person a psycho. It just means that they're tired of all the bad things in life or they're having problems of some kind. They're just troubled and depressed.

They commit suicide, or start a shooting at the local museum/theatre/school/restaurant, etc. - PokemonGOSucks

64 Whenever you tell them someone died they start laughing hysterically
65 They love children
66 They live in downtown New York, New York V 1 Comment
67 They're self-centered and always think that they are the innocent ones!

In fact everyone in the world is self-centered and no can deny this fact! Even I am!

They say it's normal to be self-centered and narcissistic but it's part of human nature - PokemonGOSucks

68 They Pretend To Be Different People
69 They're obsessed with serial killers

Jeff the Killer fangirls are psychos! - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

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70 They Like Pony Porn
71 They laugh crazily

Oh. Even more proof. - AnonymousChick

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72 They Think My Little Pony is better than SpongeBob

And they said they felt offended - Neonco31

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