Ways to Tell if Someone is a Psycho

Ever notice someone do really weird things. Ever notice someone being crazy? Let us know what to look out for!!

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61 They think they are the best and they know it all.

These aren't psychos, sweetie - they're AMERICANS! - Britgirl

62 They take their pet rock for a "walk"
63 They hate reality

Hating reality doesn't make a person a psycho. It just means that they're tired of all the bad things in life or they're having problems of some kind. They're just troubled and depressed.

They commit suicide, or start a shooting at the local museum/theatre/school/restaurant, etc. - PokemonGOSucks

64 Whenever you tell them someone died they start laughing hysterically
65 They love children
66 They live in downtown New York, New York

Take this off the list

67 They're self-centered and always think that they are the innocent ones!

In fact everyone in the world is self-centered and no can deny this fact! Even I am!

They say it's normal to be self-centered and narcissistic but it's part of human nature - PokemonGOSucks

68 They Pretend To Be Different People
69 They're obsessed with serial killers

Jeff the Killer fangirls are psychos! - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

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70 They Like Pony Porn
71 They laugh crazily

Oh. Even more proof. - AnonymousChick

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72 They Think My Little Pony is better than SpongeBob

And they said they felt offended - Neonco31

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