Top 10 Ways Toad is Better Than Waluigi


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1 Toad is Cuter

@ToadF1, You hate Yoshi fans because they like him because he's cute, yet you praise Toad for the EXACT same reasons? The h*ck?! - darthvadern

These reasons are biased and not really good. - darthvadern

Waluigi is Ugly - ToadF1

Mushroom head vs purple hat - Adventurur2

2 Toad Got His Own Game
3 Toad is in Smash

Sure peach uses him but.. - Adventurur2

Same with Waluigi, but as An Assist Trophy
I still don't Give two LIving Daylights about Him...Toad is a lot Better - ToadF1

4 Toad Isn't a Sidekick

Waluigi is like Wario's butler - Adventurur2

5 Toad is Playable in More Games

How does that make him better? - darthvadern

3D world is a good example - Adventurur2

6 Toad's Voice Isn't Annoying

Actually no his voice is annoying and is the equivalent of a little kid screaming in your ears until your ears start to bleed... - SomePersonYouHate


IN YOUR OPINION! - darthvadern

7 Toad Can Run Faster

But he cannot jump high, nice try. - darthvadern

8 Waluigi is Filler

Like my good friend ToadF1 said - Adventurur2

9 Toad Doesn't Get Shipped for Bad Reasons

Think of the Waluigi and Rosalina ship - Adventurur2

10 Toad Actually Has Personality

What personality? Never heard or seen anything about his "persionality". - darthvadern

The Contenders

11 Toad Actually Helps Mario

Unlike Waluigi - yunafreya648

12 Toad Actually Tries to Fight, Waluigi Doesn't
13 Waluigi is Lazy
14 Waluigi is a Loser
15 Waluigi is Obnoxious, Toad Isn't
16 Toad Has a Purpose

No, he's just another toad. - darthvadern

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