Top Ten Ways Tobuscus is Better Than Pewdiepie

The Top Ten

1 Tobuscus is Funny, PewDiePie isn't

PewDiePie is funny, Ya didn't watch his videos. - Megone

Hell no.

Tobuscus is nothing but a bitch lasanga

2 Tobuscus Only Has a Few Bad Videos While PewDiePie Has Several
3 Tobuscus Makes Better Songs
4 Tobuscus Has Better Gameplay
5 Tobuscus: Wizards is a Better Game Than Legend of the Bro-Fist
6 PewDiePie Edits the Games He Plays, Tobuscus Doesn't
7 PewDiePie is Incredibly Overrated

yes - Pokemonfan10

PewDiePie & Super Minecraft Kid go together.

PewDiePie -> 45,000,000 subscribers
SMK -> 27,000 subscribers

So it's either Super Minecraft Kid should become the most subscribed YouTuber or PewDiePie drops subscribers to 27,000 where Super Minecraft Kid is.

8 The Only Bad Tobuscus Moments Are When He Met Justin Bieber, and When He Made a Sequel to His Enderman Roomate Video
9 Viral Song is Better Than Jabba the Hut
10 Tobuscus Has More Variety

The Contenders

11 Tobuscus is American PewDiePie is Swedish

Racist reason to hate PewDiePie, I only dislike his videos because of the cringe and screamers and not because of the race.

Woah! Let's not get race into this! - RalphBob

12 PewDiePie Likes Porn and Tobuscus Does Not

... Why?

You frocking fricks

13 Tobuscus Doesn't Make Videos Like "Can I Get 50 Million Subs?"
14 Tobuscus is Kid Friendly, PewDiePie is not.

Before you guys say "this is dumb, cussing doesn't matter.", at least Tobuscus kids grew up with him at a young age and didn't have to wait until they were preteens where Pewds wouldn't be nostalgic to them.

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