Top Ten Ways TopTenners Fear TheTopTens Will End

The Top Ten

1 TopTenners run out off list ideas

I think that this is the most possible one, although there would still be some new lists. - Martinglez

Theirs still blogs - Nateawesomeness

Already did. making some lists that won't even get 100 votes - zxm

2 TheTopTens become less popular
3 TheTopTens loose more members
4 Admin gets bored of this site and cancels it and make a new site or something

This is what I think will eventually happen. - Britgirl

If that happens then I'll be the first one to sign up - zxm

I don't want this site to end. - Powerfulgirl10

5 Donald trump cancelling TheTopTens

That would only affect the Americans, though. And that will never happen. - Martinglez

I doubt he even knows about TheTopTens.

And how would he do that? - Powerfulgirl10

6 TheTopTens marketing explodes

When the only English you've heard is Goku dubbing over Naruto's corpse - Puga

7 Someone goes into admin's computer and messes up TheTopTens and end up deleting TheTopTens list site
8 Admin changes it to the top 100 list

Haha I'd have to leave if this happened. I struggle to find the usual ten items sometimes! - Britgirl

Then it would take me 3 months at least to make a list - zxm

That would be so hard to create. - Powerfulgirl10

9 TheTopTens gets hacked
10 TheTopTens gets be forgotten
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