Top Ten Ways Total Drama World Tour Should Have Finished

This is how the compentition should of went. ( Blaineley entered just after when 9 was eliminated)

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1 Cody

Unlike Heather and Al, he didn't get to the final three by cheating ( Heather did this in season one and Al did this in season 3 ). And Cody should have returned in season 5 instead of Sam and in season 7 instead of Leonard. - Skullkid755

Cody definitely should have won! Alejandro eliminated Cody too obviously. - codyisland

He chose Heather to sabotage Al but it didn't work and Ezekiel cut his saftey wire and fell on the totem pole got injured and had to carry on in a wheel chair and finally Al won. - madman0

I love Cody. He's so cute and some people call me a Sierra the second, but come on! You have to love the little Codester, and I hate on seeing him lose.

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2 Noah

Noah? Really? lol what - Kreauwen

He deserves to be in the finale - Gehenna

I am surprised Noah is FIRST in this! I definitely vote for him! Noah is now the favor of all fans. There are lots of website of Noah with couples, their favorites, and others.

Even Noah haven't been chosen to be in All-Star. He deserve to be in finale. Right? Not a lot of screen for him. Because it's about "Drama". He is the one to get more attention of his humor.

He is rank 5 on other and the number one for 'Funniest Character." Yeah, GO NOAH!

He tried to warn everyone about Al in World Tour and he was one of the best characters in season 7. - Skullkid755

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3 Courtney

Courtney just had bad luck in the season and I think she should have won because of it and I can understand why she didn't win a season but I really think she should have won. 😀

Courtney should have won after everything she went through this season. She was hurt by her boyfriend and the girl that was suppose to be her friend. It's really shady.

Courtney deserves to win after being treated like dirt from her boyfriend.

Courtney deserves to win at least one season. Go Courtney

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4 Alejandro

He chose Ezekiel to sabotage cody and it worked perfectly heather did make it a little harder but he won with an hour to spare. - madman0

Alejandro is my favorite - mariofan456

I think Alejandro should've won tdwt

I'm supriesed alejandro is #4 and Courtney is higher I am a big fan of alejandro and Courtney is my least favourite charechter - mariofan456

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5 Heather

She did win stupids.

A true Total Drama All Star (not trying to create negative connotations though lol) who really developed in this season and deserved a win under her belt.

My queen deserved the million honestlllyy

The boyalliance all voted Heather but with cody having immunity and blaineley pressed any random button ( which ended up meaning vote out heather) so she was out 4-3 - madman0

6 Gwen

Yeah! Gwen rules! Courtney sucks.

Courtney should be eliminated

In the easter egg challenge she didn't find any and was auto eliminated - madman0

Should have won and courtny should have gotten out

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7 Blaineley

She was eliminated after She dropped her idol which would of won her the challenge and she could of used it in other episodes to come, but a bear fell on her and Cody caught it and d won the challenge Blaineley wasn't fit enough to compete so was automaticly eliminated. - madman0

Why Blainely she was kinda pointless. She was on the aftermath show from time to time and only actually Competing for 2 episodes. She was kinda just a throw in character

8 Duncan

He just got so annoyed about Gwen and Courtney fighting he quit for the 2nd time ( even though Courtney was going to be eliminated) - madman0

Duncan deserved to win World Tour, he won Total Drama Action but Courtney took all of his money.

Should have won this season to show f@#$ing Al and Heather who is better with their idiotic alliances and to get on Courtney's nerves the most. I believe in karma so what happened to Al and Heather on the finale was exactly what they deserved.

9 Lindsay

YES I JUST PUSHED LINDSAY INTO TOP TEN! Anyway, Lindsay is hilarious and if she didn't dress Tyler up as a girl she would've been the last one left on Team Victory and made it further! Plus, She is the only one on her team who wasn't fooled be Alejandro! Who's the smart one now!


She was smart by being dumb. I love it!

Lindsay simply deserved to win the season. She's always been cheated from the million even in this season. Her design was way better than DJs and the judges were biased (cough cough heather) so it's unfair that she was sent home so early.. besides she was really starting to gain momentum

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10 Owen

His team came 2nd in the last team challenge but 2nd and 3rd both went to the elimination and owen lost it for them so he was voted out. - madman0

? Owen won season 1, so...

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11 Bridgette Bridgette

She was the only one left and lost the challenge so in the last "team challenge" she was eliminated. - madman0


Bridgette should have won TDWT

12 Ezekiel

Ezekiel deserves to finally win a season! He needs to finally be in at least the bottom 3! It's not funny that they purposely vote him off first every season that he's on.

He's awesome but he's treated way too badly and totally deserves some better luck. He also should NOT have gone feral in TDWT but he's my fave even as a feral monster. Feral monsters who were formerly mistreated teenagers have feelings too!

I hope he returns to normal and teams up with Dave to get revenge on Chris for leaving him behind. - Skullkid755

At least have him be SECOND last.

He was 2nd last. Duncan was out before him. Even though Duncan did return, it doesn't change that. - Cesium

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13 Izzy

Why was she booted if she's the best Total Drama contestant ever?

Her elimination was totally unfair! She's amazing and deserved to win!

She was booted unfairly and deserved to win

Why the plane crashed on her head - mariofan456

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14 Sierra

Sierra is the hottest girl on TD, in my opinion. She definitely has the looks, but is also caring, and is willing to do anything for those she loves. She is sooo funny and never fails to get me laughing. In addition to that, she is always very hyper and crazy. I would dearly love for her to win a season!

Good personality, second best looking woman, funny, likes company, yes she should have won.

SHE IS HILARIOUS! And also a bit psycho...

If I had a time machine, I would've made sure of this. For the win!

15 Leshawna Leshawna
16 Harold
17 Tyler

Tyler was only a punching bag though, but he does need some more screen time.

18 DJ

Yeah... I didn't see why Team Victory got their whole team voted off. DJ and LeShawna are my favorite characters so it was sad to see them go.

DJ should have gone really confident and then when he got to the merge, he would not be the underdog anymore.

I wanted DJ to win. He was my favorite on here, and the nicest too. Mama raised him right for sure!

DJ should win a season!

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19 Zoey

Suddenly, out of nowhere, Zoey uses her Mary Sue powers to warp the fabric of time and space and win the million!

I mean sure Zoey won in TDAS, but surely she should have at least gotten into the final two in TDRI instead of Lightning. She went through a lot, but she deserves it!

20 Josee
21 Scott
22 Junior

Chris should have brought him into the competition, and he ended up winning!

23 Carrie

Team Carrie ALW

24 Brody
25 Jay
26 Trent

Trent was a main character in Season 1, so it made no sense to leave him out in World Tour. It would have added more drama to the Gwen/Duncan/Courtney love triangle.

27 Spud

He should have won this!

28 Scarlett

Chris should have brought her into the competition at some point, and had her end up winning.

29 Amy
30 Jen
31 Ennui
32 Eva

Ever should have won World Tour, it wasn't fair that she didn't get to compete.

33 Lightning
34 Laurie
35 Miles
36 Geoff
37 Katie

Elimanted in a double elim because she and Sadie was annoying chris

38 Sadie

She was anoyiing chris and was elim with Katie

39 Justin

Justin was pretty annoying with his self admiring, who the hell would stare at a mirror all day long just because you think you look good, Justin just looks like everybody else, he’s not even that attractive, thank god he wasn’t on World Tour

40 Ella
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