Best Ways to Trigger Oversensitive People

Oversensitive people (Also known as Hypersensitive people) are nothing but parasites. Here are the best ways to trigger them.

Also note: I know not all sensitive people are bad but this list is aimed towards the oversensitive types

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1 Tell them facts they don't like

If your best method to talking a hypersensitive person is to purposely make them angry because of how easily exploitable it is, that makes you no better.

The problem is that people try to post facts but use deception to fit their agenda or will screw facts or use untrustworthy sources or will unknowingly spread a false fact - germshep24

Provide FACTS to an argument that doesn't fit their narrative PLUS use logic instead of emotion.


Like seriously there are people who get offended over statements like "there is only 2 genders" or "evolution is real" despite the fact that those 2 statements are true in every sense.
Oh well,at least you can get a good laugh. - DarkBoi-X

Evolution is real is fact, but the gender thing isn't, but then again gender issue is hard to study, because what contribute to male and female are different depending on what that society believes, the only way to make it factual that "there is only 2 genders" is if we make the word sex and gender mean the same thing and not about what society says and even then we have the case of people born with multiple sexual organs
The evolution only offends because some religious people believe that the Bible is a science book and if evolution is real then their God isn't - germshep24

Is this about trump supporters, I know they don't like facts - germshep24

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2 Use constructive criticism

Cause they call criticism- even constructive criticism- bullying. - Camaro6

"I hate it when you try to get me suspended." "YARD DUTY, FIREMIST CALLED ME SUSPENDED! "
Seriously, that happened to me once. That girl who said that should go back to TK! - Firemist

It can be nice or harsh.Oversensitive people get triggered over both which proves that they are basically real life mary sues. - DarkBoi-X

Honestly I don't know why you want to get a lecture from some rando about whatever they believe - germshep24

3 Tell them facts matter more than feelings

Are we getting the words feelings confused with belief, tons of people believe in God and have no factual evidence for it, if you point that out most religious people will get upset - germshep24

Another fact they don't like as they will put their feelings above facts. - DarkBoi-X

There's not a single sjw that believes this, haha - Nonpointed

We all have our beliefs and we all get upset if that belief is challenged, because above all else no one likes to change and if something they believe is wrong then that means they have to make changes and that is the one thing we hate. This is the reason that it takes forever to make real positive changes in our World - germshep24

Facts don't care about your feelings! - Randomator

4 Tell them jokes

Are you talking about telling a joke or just saying something mean and pretending it is a joke - germshep24

Me: (Insert context here) I nearly died of laughter!

Especially edgy jokes but even jokes that aren't edgy can piss them off. - DarkBoi-X

What is an edgy joke though, I know ten years ago dead baby jokes were the best thing ever - germshep24

5 Tell them screaming "fake news" and throwing a temper tantrum isn't a proper way to respond the criticism

If anything it will make people criticize you even more because you're being immature - DarkBoi-X

Another point for my this is about Trump Supporters thing - germshep24

6 Swear

Oh boohoo a swear word! - Userguy44

I don't swear but all these oversensitive swearing haters need to grow up.They treat swearing as if it's worse than actual problems like war,poverty,etc. - DarkBoi-X

This is what it’s like at my school:
Me: Damn it!
Them: Agghhh, Firemist said the d-word!
Teacher: DO I NEED TO CALL YOUR PARENTS?!? - Firemist

Oversensitive person: WAAA ANNIE SAID A F WORD

7 Share a different opinion

They hate opinions - Camaro6

They get so pissed off when you do this. - RadioHead03

They will often scream "HATE SPEECH" even though hate speech is stuff that's racist,sexist,homophobic,etc not opinions you don't like. - DarkBoi-X

Firemist's and my school friend/bully hate our opinions. When I try to back up firemist's opinion at school, she gets triggered, since I'm sorta the peace treaty between her and firemist - Dawnheart

8 Tell them the world isn't just sunshine and lollipops

The world and life can also suck because of war,poverty,etc so yeah. - DarkBoi-X

There is a real old timey phrase lol - germshep24

9 Play a Rated M game

I don't see what this has do with triggering oversensitive people unless your saying that you are avoiding social media to watch a movie or play a game it is a great way to avoid drama, though you could really get the affect by really any movie or game - germshep24

They think that a game or movie is bad just because it is rated M or rated R.

There are tons of good R rated movies like Terminator,Deadpool,Enter The Dragon,etc
There are also good M rated game series like Devil May Cry,Battlefield,etc.

Just because a game or movies has a bit of violence or has a few sexual things doesn't make it mad(In fact the latter,sex is the reason why people are even alive in the first place) - DarkBoi-X

Make them play Conker’s Bad Fur Day, they’ll have a blast. - RadioHead03

10 Make troll top 10 lists

This just seems pointless and a waste of time, but then again there is hardly anything new to make a list about - germshep24

BarneyTheDinosaurRocks and HenryDangerIsGreat trolled lot's of mediocre oversensitive users and I salute them for that. - DarkBoi-X

Me: makes top 10 list on why Justin Beiver is the best singer ever.
Fyi, I don't like Justin Beiver, and i’m not targeting anyone when I say this comment. - RadioHead03

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11 Tell them that there are only two genders

Well there are. - Firemist

This is part of the "tell them facts they don't like" thing - DarkBoi-X

Your getting gender and sex confused and even then there is still the rare case of people being born with both sexual organs - germshep24

This is good if you don't mind hearing why your wrong - germshep24

12 Tell them that Antifa is ironically quite violent
13 Tell them that America was one of the first countries to end slavery.

That is just spreading ignorance, it is more realistic to tell them a fact like Africa had European slaves - germshep24

You: (what was said above)
SJW: Well...ummm...well you’re a misogynistic privileged white man, so your opinion is invalid! You homophobic white supremacist!

1819- Canada declares slaves free
1834- Britain outlaws slavery in colonies
1848- France abolishes slavery in colonies
1863- Lincoln issues Emancipation Proclamation in USA
1868- Cuba frees slaves
1869- All territories of Portugal free slaves
1882- Turkey [Ottoman Empire] emancipates slaves
1888- Brazil abolishes slavery
Things moved slowly in the 1800's, but most nations were going that direction.

14 Tell them that Black, Asian, Hispanic and White lives matter


SJW: You’re such a white supremacist!

This one just shows your ignorance and makes them pity your stupidity more than trigger them - germshep24

It is ignoring that some people lives is much harder, because they were born with the wrong colored skin or the wrong sex, by saying all lives matter you are ignoring the discrimination that is being made just because they were born in the wrong religion, the wrong gender, the wrong race, the wrong sex, or the wrong sexuality.
All lives should matter, but the bottom line is some people lives matter more than others depending on where you live - germshep24

I’m Asian... - Firemist

15 Force them to listen to Cardi B songs

But what if they like Cardi B? - germshep24

16 Don't talk to them

This is the best of both worlds you don't have to know about whatever new drama is going on and they will still be mad about whatever drama is going on - germshep24

I'm oversensitive and I LOVE it when people don't talk to me. so yeah.

*gives silent treatment*

17 Make a slightly dark joke.
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1. Share a different opinion
2. Tell them screaming "fake news" and throwing a temper tantrum isn't a proper way to respond the criticism
3. Tell them that Antifa is ironically quite violent
1. Tell them facts they don't like
2. Tell them facts matter more than feelings
3. Use constructive criticism


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