Top 10 Ways to Trigger Weaboos

Weaboos or extreme anime fans are known for their borderline obsession with anime and hating everything that isn't anime related. Here's some pretty obvious ways to trigger them.

The Top Ten

1 Not liking anime
2 Stating a negative opinion about anime
3 Criticizing their favorite anime or anime character
4 Insulting their waifu
5 Praising something that isn't anime related
6 Insulting Dragon Ball Z or Naruto
7 Questioning their intelligence or mental health
8 Making a joke that'll upset them
9 Calling something that isn't an anime an anime
10 Mispronouncing an anime or anime character's name

The Contenders

11 Saying that anime is a cartoon

Which it is. I agree that most anime are better than what they show in the west, but anime is just another term for Japanese cartoons. - yungstirjoey666

12 Preferring western cartoons over anime
13 Tell them that you dislike Japan

Now that's just zenophobic of you - yungstirjoey666

14 Remind them that they can't speak Japanese
15 Telling them that Germany created anime
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