Ways to Troll Gravity Falls Fans

The Top Ten

1 Tell them about how Bill Cipher is the Illuminati

Illuminati triangles are real, too. - DynastiNoble

You should make a list of Top Ten Ways to Troll MLP Fans.

2 Tell them "Reverse Falls and BillDip aren't real"
3 Make an incredibly offensive Encyclopedia Dramatica article about the show

I always wanted to do that! - DynastiNoble

4 Make SJWs hate Gravity Falls fanart and trigger them to death

That's an idiotic way. - DynastiNoble

5 Make a Rule 63 Bill Cipher
6 Hack Alex Hirsch's Twitter
7 Tell them that Gravity Falls isn't going to have a spinoff
8 Force them to watch Gravity Falls Finger Family for at least ten minutes straight
9 Tell them that "Alex Hirsch said that SJWs supports Gravity Falls fan clubs"
10 Cosplay as Bill Cipher and prank-call them on the phone every fifteen seconds or so
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