Top Ten Ways to Troll People In Minecraft

The Top Ten

1 /kill
2 Break bedrock while they're standing on it, causing them to fall into the void
3 Blow up their house and pretend a creeper did it
4 Force them to ride in a roller coaster that leads them to falling into a lava pit
5 Kill your teammates in survival games
6 Spam their house with random signs

Things you could write on the sign:
"i'm a belieber"
"do you want to kill a snowman"
"you suck"

Sorry :P - Navylexi

7 Try to take them out with a bow from far away

My cousins were watching another direction and I shoot a bow from a far distance.I was kinda surprised when it hit them and they died at the 2nd shot

I wanna try this :P - Navylexi

8 Spawn random hostile mobs in their house (creative only)
9 Surround their bed with blocks, causing them to suffocate when they wake up
10 Ambush them with an army of dogs

The Contenders

11 Cover their house with water
12 Put lava in their house while they're sleeping
13 Cover their house with bedrock
14 Use a creeper skin and scare them
15 Dig a trench by the bed when sleeping
16 Turn invisible and keep spawning monsters in their house at night and make them think monsters keep spawning their house
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