Ways 'stronger Than I Was' by Eminem is Better Than 'BBHMM' by Rihanna

It's pretty weird, popular song vs unpopular song, but this works for reasons

The Top Ten

1 Eminem puts emotion into the performance
2 Rihanna puts no effort and sounds like she's b*tching in a shanky living room
3 Stronger Than I Was had no video
4 BBHMM had a video and it had everything bad about music videos
5 Eminem sings (and later raps) about his mixed relationship
6 Rihanna raps about how some b*tch needs her money or she will die
7 Eminem cusses a few times total
8 Rihanna cusses more times total
9 Eminem doesn't threaten to put someone's wife in the backseat in his song
10 Rihanna threatens to put someone's wife in the backseat in her song
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