Top Ten Ways to Turn a Guy Off

Women usually know a thing or two when it comes to getting a guy's attention. But what some women don't know is how to turn a guy off. Whether you're trying to repel a guy or just want to be cautious of what not to do around a guy, here are ten ways to repel guys like mice running from a cat.

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1 Nag constantly

No one, especially guys, hates nothing more than having to be constantly nagged at for petty things or simply anything. If your nagging or lecturing your guy a lot, then stop. Men don't like pushy people and if you keep doing it to him, he may eventually snap, which can lead to being overall turned off. - Thelistmaker

In modern society, anything turns a guy off. - DCfnaf

This is why I don’t have a girlfriend - MegaSoulhero

I hate bossing and demanding things, so guys, don’t worry about me, I won’t ask you for money or anything. I as a female, I hate being bossed around a lot, I like to take charge of my life.

2 Have bad hygiene

This title explains it. Bad breath, unshaved legs, unkempt hair, dirty clothes, and a filthy appearance overall can easily leave a guy running for his life. - Thelistmaker

It goes both ways. If you want a significant other then you better take care of yourself or else you will have your significant other running for their life - Randomator

You have to smell good please. Ladies please smell good and be healthy I will be 100 times more attracted to you

I hate being dressy, but I do still care about brushing my teeth, showering(even if I hate it), and so on. Nobody likes a person with bad hygiene.

3 Constantly talk about an ex

It's fine to bring up a past relationship once in a blue moon, it's normal. But excessively talking about an ex can only leave a guy wondering if your truly interested in him (current guy) or if your using him as a rebound. It's sadly common in the dating world for a person to be a victim or rebound, and it's definitely guaranteed that no guy wants to be used as a rebound. So unless if you want a guy to think your still hung up on your ex, then I suggest you don't choose an ex as a favorite topic of conversation when your with him. - Thelistmaker

It does bring a lot of suspicion if the woman is actually into you. Plus that's nothing I would want to hear from a girlfriend. - Phillip873

This is the worst...

Wouldn't be the best thing to listen to, id get thoughts from it and just be annoyed prolly - EliHbk

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4 Be clingy

This is the number one turn off. A guy loves to have his own time and space from all of the things from his day from time to time. But when someone, especially his significant someone, ends up crossing too far into his boundaries, it can annoy him easily. This doesn't only apply to men, but women as well, as she likes to have time to herself sometimes. - Thelistmaker

Girls want their alone time and personal space, so we need to do the same for guys because they want personal space too

I agree. Nobody wants someone as a girlfriend or boyfriend who will never leave you alone. People need their space - Randomator

No one likes a clingy person. They come off as creepy and obsessive. - JustMonika

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5 Be dishonest

Be honest so that you can tell your guy who you really are, never lying about anything

Related to being fake, a guy likes someone who he knows he can trust. A man doesn't want to be with someone who always gives away his most prized secrets or someone that constantly lies. - Thelistmaker

This would likely drive me to insanity. - Sop

Nobody wants to be in a relationship with someone they can’t trust especially when you combine that with social media - Randomator

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6 Have a jerk personality

Nobody wants to be with a stuck up jerk with a mean streak, so try your best to be courteous, kind, generous, and overall nice. - Thelistmaker

It’s does not take rocket science to know that nobody wants a boyfriend or girlfriend who is a jerk. It’s common sense - Randomator

7 Wear too much makeup

Good items. But they can also apply to men as a turn-off to women - even this item. So many men nowadays are turning to make-up to impress us. It really doesn't. Women don't want men who look better than they do. Real women want real men and real men go au natural in the looks department. Real men should look and feel rugged. Pretty men with smooth skin, perfect hair, no shaving rash and wearing eyeliner and lip-gloss is a real turn-off. - Britgirl

Relating to some on the top, no guy wants to look like he just performed in the circus after kissing a girl. Too much makeup can make a girl look desperate or fake, so if your guilty of this, lay off of some make up. - Thelistmaker

Glad to hear that there are guys who prefer natural over makeup on girls. I'm a woman who despises makeup. Men don't need makeup to look good, so having women wear it is a stinking double standard.

I wouldn't want to date a clown! Do they really have to be insecure enough to put on a bunch of unnecessary products? - Phillip873

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8 Make a list called "Top Ten Ways to Turn a Guy Off"

If only I had seen this earlier, wouldn't have wasted 5 minutes of my precious life

Who made this item lol - WTFMuch

Who made this item? - Thelistmaker


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9 Send nudes

This is obvious for so many reasons. There's a surprising amount of men who find sexting a huge turn off. No man likes getting bombarded by sexts, which can land him or the sender behind bars, and don't like them in general. I strongly advise that you never dare send nudes. If your a student that goes to highschool or college, this can send your dreams of the perfect college or dream job down the toilet, and you could even get charged with sexual assault or sexual harassment of a minor. The same goes for sending drug pics or offensive content, so never even think of doing anything of that matter. You need to be smart and not do it, you'll thank me later on. - Thelistmaker

And yes I am a guy, so you would be correct in assuming that I am disgusting and perverted although I do agree that Child Pornography is one of the worst things on earth - judo8alex

Doubt it, I've seen many people at my school who got in trouble for sending nudes to each other through Snap Chat. In my situation it would be classified as distribution of child pornography which is totally not okay with the police. - Phillip873

Kinda counterintuitive but true. Besides creating a potentially awkward situation, you're putting yourself at risk if the two of you break up. Also, guys are generally more attracted by "hard to get" girls. - PetSounds

You're absolutely right but I feel like in a dimpled state of not having a girlfriend and I don't think at all as I said before to an intellectual woman don't appeal to me - Kevinsidis

Look as a guy I would obviously ask a girl before I sent her nudes, and I would never ask a girl for them because that is disrespectful too, but if she were to send them without my "permission", I would be okay with that and would find it hot(shocker! ) - judo8alex

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10 Be a chatter box

Going back to number two, a guy likes to talk to his bae and likes to hear from them. But what a man doesn't like is someone that talks to him 24/7, especially when he has something very important to do or when it's not a good time. Remember to give him some space and talk when it's a good time. - Thelistmaker

Good thing I am not all too talkative, I am a ambrovert, meaning I can be really social, or really quiet.

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11 Compare yourself to his mother

Haha! This is definitely true - Phillip873

Not like it'd be a good thing anyways - EliHbk

12 Fart


13 Be a flake

People who pretend to be someone else end up ironically getting the opposite of what they want. A guy loves the real deal, not some goddess/ god wannabe. When your being your true self, a guy can sense that from a mile away, same goes for flakiness. - Thelistmaker

14 Get implants

No, I am not Kim Kardashian or Nicki Minaj!

15 Make fun of him when he’s wrong

Now it depends on the situation and how wrong he was but nobody likes to admit being wrong but there’s absolutely NO reason to rub it in. The only thing it accomplishes is turning him off - Randomator

16 Listen to boy bands in his presence

Boy bands are awful anyways. I would listen to good rock/metal bands in his presence instead of that pop teenybopper trash.

You can listen to whatever you want geez I'm not gonna be turned off by it. Damn some boy bands are catchy if you let it sink in. - Seventies-Music-Fan

I listen to Hollywood Undead but they are rock and rap. But at the same time all the members are guys. So are they counted as as boy band?

Unless it's BROCKHAMPTON, featuring their newest member Anthony Fantano. - PanteraForever

17 Use bathroom humor

Oh god don't - EliHbk

18 Listen to Justin Bieber Listen to Justin Bieber

Dat picture though - HufflepuffGeekGirl

Justin Bieber in general is a turn off. Dat pic makes him look like an angry deformed bever. - Thelistmaker

The pic is perfect lol 😆

19 Always want to text and never hang out in person

I hate texting when you can call and my age group is always made fun of for texting it's like just shut up!

Duh its true - Thelistmaker

20 Be a stalker

That's borderline crazy girlfriend. If it isn't, then it's totally crazy psycho girlfriend territory. - Thelistmaker

21 Overreacting

No man likes an uptight shutdown

22 Hate on metal music

What person in their right mind does that? - Thelistmaker

You’re allowed to dislike what you really don’t like, but talking about how much you hate it constantly will get annoying

23 Listen to metal music
24 Listen to country music
25 Talking like an infant
26 Being immature
27 Being nosey
28 Being melodramatic
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