Top 10 Ways that UmJammer Lammy Was Better Than PaRappa the Rapper


The Top Ten

1 The introduction of an instrument for the rhythm-based gameplay (guitar in this case)
2 More reliable and skill-based note-hitting detection
3 So many more notes to hit
4 (Even) cuter main character
5 Twice as long of a game
6 Vastly crazier and funnier
7 Covers a much better genre of music (rock as opposed to hip-hop)
8 A much better storyline role for Chop Chop Master Onion
9 Cooler and edgier
10 Larger soundtrack (when counting the rap versions of the songs)

The Contenders

11 Promotes girl power
12 Better music videos
13 More eccentric character cast
14 Nicer-looking graphics
15 More characters to play as
16 Much better main character
17 The stuff you got to do throughout the game was way more interesting
18 Not so overpriced online
19 Probably inspired Guitar Hero
20 The music fits its overall genre theme a lot more authentically this time around
21 (Even) weirder
22 Has its own high-score system
23 Menus made of candy
24 Parappa is cute; Lammy on the other hand is straight-up hot
25 More bang for your buck
26 More relatable protagonist
27 More catchphrases
28 Manlier music (despite supposedly being a game for girls)
29 Made for a much cooler, smarter and hipper audience
30 The cover art
31 The COOL sequences sound a lot better on actual instruments
32 Manlier game in general
33 Way more challenging than the original, while also providing an actually fair challenge (unlike the original)
34 Generally has a lot more personality and charm than the original (weirdly enough)
35 Notably more memorable overall than the first game (give or take the music itself)
36 Less of Joe Chin
37 More of Katy Kat
38 Lammy x Katy
39 Involved in the xanfic universe
40 A storyline that is about legitimately crazy and random stuff happening to someone, rather than just mundane everyday stuff made crazy
41 Guitar Hero controllers (on the arcade cabinets, at least)
42 Better finale, honestly
43 Held up way better
44 More refined-looking menus and in-game heads-up displays
45 Getting to COOL rank is a lot more of a challenge this time around
46 You get to literally go to hell and back during stage 6
47 More cutscenes
48 Less obnoxious difficulty spikes
49 Length feels much more appropriate for what the game is
50 More ridiculous visual effects
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