Ways the United States Could Fall

The Top Ten

1 Rebellions

I can see this happening most definitely!

This is going to happen

2 Civil Unrest
3 Ethnic Violence
4 Cultural Genocide
5 Violence
6 Totalitarian Regime
7 Domestic Terrorism
8 Nuclear Holocaust
9 Third World War
10 Millennial Apathy

The Contenders

11 Riots

How will riots END America?

12 Secessionist Movements
13 Military Government
14 Liberal Domination
15 Genocide Against the American People
16 Invasions from Foreign Countries

This may happen with Trump's regime, which scares me - NewEngland

As someone who doesn't care for either candidate, I would assume from what I've seen that Hillary would've been more likely for a foreign invasion. - HiBye

17 Illegal Immigrant Invasion
18 Hillary Clinton Elected President
19 Uncontrolled Entitlements
20 Islamic Sleeper Cells
21 Remains Capitalist
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