Top Ten Ways the US Could Lose Territory


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1 Texan Independent

No offense to Texas, but I wouldn't object it's independence.

Actually, there's no way that's not offensive to Texas.

just... #sorrynotsorry - keycha1n

Yordridge,the US has a law that when states join the Union they can't leave,not sure if it applies to the territories though

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2 Russian Alaska

Under nucilair threat, Russia annexes Alaska back - Yordridge

3 Independent Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico becomes its own country - Yordridge

4 Independent Hawaii

Hawaii says it doesn't have any cultural ties to the US and seperates - Yordridge

5 Mexican South Texas

Because Donald Trump had to save money on the fence - Yordridge

6 Canadian Maine

Maine gets annexed by Cnanada - Yordridge

7 Communist Florida

The Russian minority in Florida takes over and a extreme group leads - Yordridge

8 Nazi-Satanistic-Zombie Wyoming

Do not trust Wyoming - Yordridge

I'm sorry, but what? - Alpha101

9 Mexican California

Calafornia gets annexed by Mexico - Yordridge

10 Giant Earthquake Slides California Into the Pacific

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11 New Orleans Massive Levee Failure Permanently Floods Hundreds of Square Miles
12 California Independence

This is actually happening. It will get approved by 2020, maybe - ZeRater

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