Top 10 Ways to Wake Yourself Up In the Morning

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1 Set 5 alarms in a row
2 Drink lots of water on the previous night so you have to wake up to pee
3 Play Justin Bieber songs

This isn't the worst ways to commit suicide list - DislikeMyComment

4 Ask your lover to call you in the morning
5 Sleep with air conditioning or fans off
6 Keep the alarm clock away from you so that you have to get up to switch it off

I do that, except my alarm clock is also a radio, so I hear music instead of that awful ringing. - Pegasister12

That's what I usually do on school mornings. - Minecraftcrazy530

7 Keep thinking about it.

That's how I wake up without my radio. - Pegasister12

That helps
My father told me that his teacher said that if a person wants to wake up at a particular time, he must think about it just before sleeping. it works - Ananya

8 Sleep in a place full of insects
9 Sleep in a stinky place
10 Keep the window open

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11 Repeatedly slap yourself in the face
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