Ways That World War III Could Start


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1 Isis Meltdown

The best way to trigger a disastrous war

A lot of things going on with Isis - funnyuser

2 Terrorist Attack

That's not how World wars happen, we've been fighting terrorists for decades and still no world war.

Many government officials are actually prepared to go to war with terioest societies.


3 Disease Outbreak

Kind of like the Ebola Virus, or some other kind of super flu. If you have ever watched the movie 'The Stand' then that's where I'm coming from. And this could happen and it did happen, it will just take time for the government to release Black Poxs, and then we'll all be doomed. - NerdyPweeps

4 Religion Slaughters
5 Country Attempts To Gain Higher Honor/More Land
6 Rebellion
7 Sociopathic Tyrant

Aka Hillary Clinton, Trump is far from a tyrant, and he isn't corrupt enough to even try to become one.

AKA Vladimir Putin

Aka Hillary

Donald Trump. - ThatStrangeKid42

8 Trump Becomes President

You people are children "Trump is going to band and nuke people" "Trump will start WWIII by making mexico pay for a wall" Come on now making mexico pay for a wall worth only a few million, which in terms of countries is nothing will not cause a world war. Mexico isn't even powerful enough to start a world war.

This would most likely start by Trump forcing Mexico to pay for a wall or by Trump calling some country's prime minister an, ah, unkind name or something of that nature. - Turkey

Mexico doesn't have nukes.

Ok stop the hate - lbelle0527

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9 Multiple genocides
10 North Korean invasion of South Korea

Probably need USA to attack north korea - SpencerJC

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11 Economy Crashes

It was the Great Depression that gave the Nazis the chance to control Germany. - PositronWildhawk

12 Offensive Statements That Will Drive A Country(ies) To Immediate And Violent Action

Anybody who goes into world-slaughtering mode due to something that was SAID is flat crazy and off their rocker.

13 Clinton Becomes President

She is so hard on causing a conflict with Russia that she's stupid enough to probably threaten Russia with nukes

14 North Korea nukes USA

The crazy fat guy keeps threatening about it. Who knows, someday he might actually do it? - jimmy12lee

We've been getting a lot of threats from North Korea during the past few weeks. They even launched a missile over northern Japan two days ago. I don't know what will happen in the future, especially with Trump as president, but this must stop. - Yungstirjoey

Only person who might be dumb enough to start throwing his nukes at everyone (NK only got 10 nukes, ya know)

North Korea dosn't have any nukes

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15 Russian invasion of Ukraine

It has already began with the annexation of Crimea in May 2014, there are crossfires everyday on the border resulting in about 30 deaths a day and the Russian forces are taking 1 town a day, Putin's technique of slow invasion works perfectly when the Russian forces will reach Kiev, the UN will send its forces resulting in a big war. This may happen this Year - yatharthb

It has already began by the annexation of the Crimean Peninsula in May 2014, and there are crossfires on the border daily, Russians are seizing a town daily and Putin's method of slow invasion works perfectly. The invasion of whole of Ukraine will shake the United nations and start a great war. - yatharthb

America don't have the balls to fight Russia, can only fight afgans riding donkeys. So this will never lead to WW3.

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16 Hitler Having a Secret Child

Not too likely, and even if he did have a child he/she would be at least 70 years old today, too old to be a dynamic leader.

17 Conflicts In The Middle East
18 Overconfident China Comes Face-To-Face With USA

So what's the scenerio here? China decides to attack the US for whatever reason? I don't think China is stupid to fight with the usa. If anyone's gonna nuke us like idiots, it will be Kim jong un.

Overconfidence is one of the main reasons behind wars. China is overconfident, ambitious, war-monging, and considers themselves invincible. - jimmy12lee

19 China and Pakistan attack India and Japan

I don't think anyone would care if India goes down but if Japan is the target then maybe that would be hard on The US. Anyway, if China and Pakistan try to do something we know this is going to end bad for the entire world cause of the nuclear capabilities of these three nations. India would also be completely wiped off the continent no doubt about it if those two join hands, which they already are as we speak.

One of the most probable war scenarios in Asia. China keeps entering territories of Japan and India, apart from other countries. Pakistan and China are friends. Pakistan is known for such activities as well. - jimmy12lee

More or less just india v pakistan - Gud_Spud

This will happen one day, pakistan attacked uri at India, while india tries to shut indus river as a return gift, cHina threatens india to not do so

20 The United States All Split Apart

This could lead to another Imperialism age, and them a fight over land, which changes to pointless wars. - Turkeyasylum

Some states are already capable of supporting themselves, economically or otherwise.
This would more likely cause a CIVIL war than a WORLD one, though

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