Top Ten Ways In Which Epicjake Is Better Than Sanjay and Craig

The Top Ten

Epicjake Is Good

Even though EpicJake is one of my favorite users, you comparing him to a cartoon. - nintendofan126

Epicjake Is Funny

Eh, I wouldn't call myself funny. No offense though. - EpicJake

Sanjay and Craig Is Boring
Epicjake Is a Toptenner

Can these types of lists die in a hole please? - Puga

Sanjay and Craig Is Another New Crappy Nick Toon

So true. Sanjay and Craig is another terrible Nicktoon. - Anonymousxcxc

Epicjake Does Not Make Jokes
Epicjake Likes Good Stuff
Sanjay and Craig Like Bad Stuff
Sanjay and Craig Is Nothing But Butt and Fart Jokes

It totally is! Worst show ever!

And it also has toilet humor. - EpicJake

Epicjake Makes Cool and Entertaining Lists
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