Top 10 Ways in Which Ready Jet Go! is Superior to Paw Patrol

This list is targeted towards parents, and older siblings of kids who watch either of these shows. This list is made to help parents and older sibs decide which show is better for their children and siblings. This list is also made to praise Paula Kerger (the president of PBS) and Craig Bartlett (the creator of Ready Jet Go). This list is also made to make Cyma Zarghami (the president of Nickelodeon) and Keith Chapman (the creator of PAW Patrol) realize why PAW Patrol sucks.

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Ready Jet Go is attempting to get kids into STEM, while Paw Patrol is a evil corporate commercial that is only made to sell toys

PAW Patrol is only made to sell toys and nothing else, while RJG doesn't care about toy sales and only cares about educating it's target audience.


That doesn't count. There are too many shows on Nick Jr. that claim to teach social skills but don't. If they actually taught social skills, they would teach them in a not-so-subtle manner similar to Thomas and Friends, Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, or Arthur. However, PAW Patrol's "messages" aren't subtle, because THEY AREN'T EVEN THERE.

Ready Jet Go, on the other hand, teaches literally everything a kid needs to know about science. It teaches about the solar system, asteroids, comets, constellations, stars, gravity, force, the Sun, the Scientific Method, energy, satellites, orbits, the Moon, and so much more, with a healthy dose of morals about friendship and teamwork, done similar to Arthur and DTN.

Yeah,but PAW Patrol is teaching you to be part of a community. And jobs. And saving day...hmm...

I love both shows

Agree so much.

Ready Jet Go breaks stereotypes, while PAW Patrol promotes stereotypes

The Geena Davis Institute for Gender in Media is a major part of Ready Jet Go's advisory board. There's a common stereotype that girls aren't good at science, so the show has Sydney and Mindy be just as good as science as Jet and Sean, and makes them strong role models. The interstitials are also hosted by Astronomer Amy Mainzer. The show also breaks other stereotypes such as that scientists work alone in a dark room, when really, scientists have to work together.

PAW Patrol on the other hand, promotes stereotypes. This show has the Dalmatian be a firefighter, the French guy wear a striped shirt, the cats be evil, the adults be stupid, and the girls are rarely used on missions and Skye wears pink and is pretty much useless. It is also this bias that sets up a dangerous and limiting outlook for children from a young age when the stereotypes are shown even in kids entertainment. Geena says it is important for parents to be actively engaged in what kids watch.

It also promotes offensive stereotypes and has bad messages

Yeah,I see that

Ready Jet Go has deep and likable characters, PAW Patrol has generic and flat characters

In going to compare these characters.

Jet and Chase: Chase is trying to be serious and it is kind of cringe. However, sometimes he is sweet and not serious and it's funny. Jet however likes to be hilarious. Winner: Jet.

Sean and Marshall: I like Marshall he is so dorky. But some of his jokes are corny. Sean is funny how he goes crazy when they fly and has a panic attack. But Marshall is funny crashing all the time and sometimes does not crash! Winner: Marshall

Skye and Sydney: Skye is so girly and pink and is barely used and when she is used she js so useless (she is also my least favorite) Sydney is here to crush that. She likes superheroes and is into science and does not wear pink all the darn time. Winner: Sydney.

Round Two.

Ryder and Jet: Oh my god. Can. I say if I edited Jet he would look like Ruder? Ryder is worst than Skye and not even funny. Here is a quote from a mission.

"Fuzzy is missing?" He said in some sad voice. One second ...more

Yeah I'm going compare

Jet and Chase: Jet does not care about being serious or mature,he is funny. Chase,however, is annoying and not funny.

Sean and Marshall: Now,I love Marshall. Marshall is a dork! Sean is funny too though he is the one scared of going flying witch is funny to watch.

Sydney and Skye/ Everest: Sydney is betterbthan skye but everest is better.

Round two: Marshall vs Jet: Both haye being mature and are "adorable"

I'm going to compare Jet, Sean, Sydney, and Mindy with Chase, Marshall, Skye, and Everest, The four main RJG characters against four of the 8 PAW Patrol members.

Jet vs Chase: Chase tries too hard to be serious but it just comes off as cringeworthy. He also gets useless upgrades and is highly overrated, since he ALWAYS get picked to go on the mission. Jet, on the other hand, is underrated, fun-loving, adorable, and great singer. He makes mistakes, but that's what makes him realistic. Jet wins

Sean vs Marshall: The writers try too hard to make Marshall "adorkable" by making him clumsy and crap. When I first watched the show, I did think that Marshall was kind of cute, but now I think he is an annoying, overrated brat. The sports episodes ALWAYS have him be uncertain on whether he will be a good player. But he ALWAYS ends up being a good player in the end. Sean, on the other hand, is more realistic and down to earth. The writers don't try too hard to make him adorkable, ...more

PAW Patrol is overrated, while Ready Jet Go is underrated

PAW Patrol is the most overrated kids show on the entire planet, yes even more than Adventure Time and MLP. Every kid and their parents love it, I don't. It's also overrated by Nickelodeon: they always renew it for more seasons, and they create a ton of useless PAW Patrol toys and sell them everywhere in the store, and they constantly marathon it. It's more over-aired than Spongebob, Teen Titans Go, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and Jessie. JUST END THIS STUPID SHOW ALREADY.

On the other hand, Ready Jet Go is the most underrated kids show ever. A lot of kids and their parents love it, yes. But everyone else overhates on it for no reason and the show has a small fandom composed of people not in the intended age group for RJG. It also somehow won few awards. How did it not win any awards, let alone get nominated? SPREAD THE WORD ABOUT THIS SHOW! GIVE THIS SHOW MORE LOVE!

I LOVE-LOVE-LOVE Ready, Jet, Jo! And HATE-HATE-HATE Poo Patrol.

Ready Jet Go has beautiful animation, PAW Patrol does not

PAW Patrol's animation isn't the worst I've seen in a cartoon, but it's nothing special, to be honest. The animation is generic and looks WAY too much like plastic. Everything looks plastic! The characters, the vehicles, it's all plastic! And look what Wikipedia says:
"According to Spin Master, the concept for PAW Patrol stemmed from a prototype for a transforming truck toy. After developing a relationship with Nickelodeon, Spin Master approached British television producer Keith Chapman to "invent a franchise" based on their model. The PAW Patrol plot was ultimately based on one of Chapman's ideas. The company hired toy designers to develop the format further; after the concept was in place, they began designing merchandise " PROOF that PAW Patrol is an evil corporate commercial.

Meanwhile, RJG has much better animation than PP could ever hope to have. Sure, the first episodes of RJG had shoddy animation, but as time went on, the animation became more crisp, fluid, and ...more

Ready Jet Go doesn't make you want to tear out your hair

What I mean by this is Ready Jet Go is less annoying and confusing, while PAW Patrol is too confusing and annoying for anyone to enjoy it.

PAW Patrol has a formulaic plotline, grating voice acting, tons of stereotypes, and annoying songs. It is also extremely illogical. Why does Ryder live by himself? How does he pay for all this high-tech equipment? Why are cats evil in this show? Why does Captain Turbot speak in alliterations? Why does Katie run a pet salon by herself? Why are Tracker and Everest never used? Why is Mayor Goodway obsessed with that stupid chicken?

The only thing that bothers me about RJG is how Sean and Sydney can survive in space, even though they don't wear oxygen tanks. That's literally it. The other stuff, I'm okay with. RJG is not always the same plotline: in several episodes the kids don't go into space. The voice acting is alright, there are little to no stereotypes, and all the songs are great.

Ready Jet Go has wonderful songs, while PAW Patrol has monotonous and repetitive songs

A big part of Ready Jet Go! is the original soundtrack composed by Jim Lang, who also composed for Hey Arnold! and Dinosaur Train. And I have to say, the soundtrack is amazing. It's catchy, upbeat, reminiscent for songs from the '50-80s, and the songs help kids to learn stuff like the Solar System and the Scientific Method. Plus, some of the songs are just beautiful, such as Tiny Blue Dot. I can't wait for the episode Lone Star, which will be another musical episode.

PAW Patrol has horrible songs. They try to parody rock songs, but RJG does a much better job of imitating rock and jazz songs than PP could ever could. PP's excuses for songs are forgettable at BEST. I know PP isn't a musical show, but at least they could put some effort into the songs? PAW Patrol's theme song is, to this day, one of the most annoying theme songs on television currently. It's monotonous, repetitive, overplayed, and a huge disgrace to Rock Music. The Pup Pup Boogie is the PP equivalent to Juju on ...more

The pups can't sing. They sound so bad it literally hurts.

Its songs were way overused in episodes like The Pups Winter Wonder Show (Which I consider to be the worst episode ever)

Ready Jet Go has been much more of a ratings success than PAW Patrol

Nickelodeon execs always cite PAW Patrol as their highest-rated preschool show for some reason. Well, the highest rated PAW Patrol episode had a 2.60, and while that may seem like really high ratings to you, just check out RJG's ratings according to the Animation Magazine:

"Since its premiere, the show has reached 34.3 million viewers, including 10.2 million kids on linear T.V.. Ready Jet Go! content has been streamed more than 146 million times since January 2016." Eat on that, Nickelodeon! Your preschool pipeline may hold the distinction of being the top 4 out of 5 preschool shows on CABLE television, but PBS is a public member station, so haha.

Ok, what I meant was this doesn't get the attention it deserves!

Not true sadly

Ready Jet Go is on a better channel

Look, Nick Jr. was just as big of a part of my childhood as PBS Kids was, but looking back, Nick Jr's shows are bad compared to PBS', (except for Blue's Clues, which was really good) Too many of Nick Jr's shows, then AND especially now, don't have much of a curriculum. They all claim to teach social skills. But they don't! Nick Jr's content needs to follow PBS' example more often, because they have better social skills shows.

Meanwhile, PBS is the best channel of all time. It has great, educational content for both parents and their kids. Regular PBS has shows like Antique Roadshow and formerly Downton Abbey. PBS Kids is the number one educational brand for children and NOT Nick Jr. because PBS Kids' shows actually have research and effort put into them as well as a curriculum. Ready Jet Go!, Nature Cat, Wild Kratts, Peg + Cat, The Cat in the Hat, Odd Squad, Curious George, and Splash and Bubbles all teach science and math concepts, while Arthur, Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, ...more

AGREED! PBS Kids takes risks like making mr ratburn have same sex marrige while Nick Jr. plays it "safe" makes annoying shows meanwhile pbs kids shows are amazing

PBS has Odd Squad, Arthur(mr return likes a boy ) Super Why,Daniel Roger, Splash and bubbles,cat in the hat, while Nick jr has bad shows that are "safe"

Ready Jet Go is actually pretty funny, while PAW Patrol has cringy attempts at humor

What I can appreciate about Ready Jet Go is that the humor is extremely well-done. Some of the jokes are so corny that they end up being hilarious! Plus, there's plenty of puns, snarky humor, and slapstick to go around in the show, as well as plenty of pop culture references.

PAW Patrol is so cringy that it's cringy and not funny at all. Marshall getting hurt is not funny at all. And I don't laugh at any of the other jokes, they just seem way too forced to even be funny in the first place.

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Chase is ugly

I'd like to see someone from Ready Jet Go to squish him.

Paw Patrol is Rescue Heroes Done Wrong, While Ready Jet Go is Cosmic Quantum Ray Done Right.
Ready Jet Go has original story, Paw Patrol is unoriginal rip off

The alien coming to earth story has been done many times before, but RJG has a unique twist to it. His family are travel reporters, and they coincidentally look like humans. They came to Earth to discover things about it for a travel guide, and this show has a STEM curriculum.
However, PAW Patrol is a cliche 'save the day' cartoon that is a ripoff of Road Rovers like you said

Paw Patrol is technically rip off of Road Rovers starring Justin Bieber.

Ready Jet Go doesn’t have any toys

True, but it doesn't need cheap toys to be a good show.

Ready Jet Go has better voice acting

Paw Patrol doesn't have the worst voice acting in existence, but the voice acting feels so uninspired and bland. Ryder sounds like a robot, and the rest of the voices aren't vibrant and they sound like the voice actors hate doing their job. It doesn't help that the voice actors are always changing.

In Ready Jet Go, the voice actors are based in Vancouver, and they are truly great. The voices are unique, they are vibrant, they are cheerful, and they set the overall mood of the series. They are also great singers. None of Paw Patrol's VAs can carry a tune to save their lives. In RJG, everyone gets to sing at some point and they are all truly talented. Their voices aren't auto tuned, and they can hit dangerously high notes. It also helps that Jet's voice actress is a singer in real life. Plus, the cast loves each other and bonds while recording every episode. They even post pictures of themselves bonding on Twitter.

Chase is annoying while Jet is actually funny.
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