Top 10 Ways in Which Teletubbies is Better Than Liv and Maddie

Most likely, you hate BOTH of these shows. But there are ways in which Liv and Maddie is worse. Here, I will describe them.

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1 Liv and Maddie has toilet humor and other really gross stuff, Teletubbies does not

Both shows suck and this list was more pointless then you claiming you would "reform" when you haven't.

Lol, I bet a little girl made this list. By the way. I hate Liv and Maddie and I wanna shove a pole up their asses.

There was a banned episode of Liv and Maddie where Liv ate crap and fed it to the whole family!

I had hoped that Disney1994 would be gone for good. But, to my unfortunate surprise, he's back.

And here we are with another pointless list, surprisingly going against a show that he adored. But at the same time, he's using a pre-school show as a comparison (of sorts). Incredible...

Why can't you get your 20s-something ass off the seat that you've likely shed your sweat and body fat upon and achieve what we can call a LIFE? - KennyRulz244444

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2 Teletubbies is original, while Liv and Maddie is a rip-off of multiple shows.

Google The Patty Duke Show and look up the plot. It's literally the EXACT SAME CONCEPT as Liv and Maddie, except they were cousins and not twins. Patty Duke herself even guest starred in Liv and Maddie in her last T.V. appearance before her death. Meanwhile, the OTHER shows Liv and Maddie is a rip-off of include:

The Suite Life of Zack and Cody
Good Luck Charlie
Full House
Drake & Josh
Lizzie McGuire
Sister Sister
Hannah Montana

I haven't even SEEN a lot of these, except GLC, FH, D&J, and a little bit of HM back in 2011. The truth is, we didn't get Disney Channel at my house until 2011. On the other hand, we DID get Disney Channel at grandma's house (still do). At her house, I watched some of Zack and Cody, but never more than about 10 episodes. And that was YEARS AGO. But for all the people here who INSIST that shows like Zack and Cody, Drake & Josh, Good Luck Charlie, and Hannah Montana are better, THINK AGAIN! I've seen negative reviews for ALL these ...more - opinionsarenotwrong

3 The Teletubbies don't teach bad examples or complain. Liv and Maddie do.

Like for example did the Teletubbies ever try to get away with stuff behind people's backs? Did they complain when things didn't go their way? NO! Whenever the Teletubbies have a problem, they figure it out for themselves, and they listen to the narrator as well. - opinionsarenotwrong

4 Liv and Maddie is full of stereotypes, Teletubbies isn't.

Can you name a SINGLE stereotype in Teletubbies? Me neither. Liv and Maddie, WHERE DO I EVEN START?! And I don't just mean the characters. The jokes and even the PLOTS can be stereotypical! Teletubbies came up with original ideas like Po being the spider fighter, the house getting filled with Tubby Toast, and other sweet stuff. - opinionsarenotwrong

5 The Teletubbies aren't selfish.

The Teletubbies don't care about stuff like fame and fortune. Try telling that to Liv, who enjoys every time someone mentions "Sing It Loud! " or anything else she starred in (Space Werewolves, The Skateboard Bandit, Voltage, and most recently "Sing It LOUDER! ") - opinionsarenotwrong

They're not selfish, but they are horribly impaired mentally. - Kaylow34

6 Liv and Maddie fight, the Teletubbies don't.

The Teletubbies NEVER have a disagreement with each other. Liv and Maddie fight over EVERYTHING. - opinionsarenotwrong

Only because Teletubbies are brainless - Kaylow34

7 Teletubbies shows diversity in its main cast, Liv and Maddie does not.

Like for example, Dipsy was stated by the show's creators to be black, while Po is Cantonese and thus can speak two languages: English and Cantonese. Po can even say yut, yee, sam, see, which means one, two, three, four. On Liv and Maddie, they only speak English. - opinionsarenotwrong

8 More people know the Teletubbies

I KNOW for a fact that there HAVE been collage and university students who dressed up as the Teletubbies. Maybe you'd know it too, if you lived here in Alabama. Meanwhile, I've NEVER known there to be Liv and Maddie cosplay. - opinionsarenotwrong

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9 Teletubbies made 365 episodes in four years while Liv and Maddie only made 80.

Even after Teletubbies ended, they STILL had enough episodes for an entire year. Liv and Maddie does not. As of this posting Liv and Maddie has 71 episodes but it's ending with 80. Plus, TELETUBBIES GOT REVIVED! - opinionsarenotwrong

Really? Kim Possible has more episodes (84) than Liv and Maddie and it had to get cancelled (but nonetheless it ended on a more complete looking finale). - Anonymousxcxc

10 Teletubbies sold countless DVDs and VHS tapes. There's no Liv and Maddie DVDs or Blu-rays.

I even looked HIGH AND LOW for Liv and Maddie DVDs and COULD NOT FIND THEM! I didn't have to look hard to find Teletubbies DVDs. - opinionsarenotwrong

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11 Teletubbies doesn't have a mean-spirited undertone.
12 Teletubbies doesn't have random plot conveniences.
13 Teletubbies doesn't have love triangles.
14 Teletubbies doesn't have writing that's really awful.

Yes. Yes it does. - Kaylow34

15 Teletubbies isn't sexist.
16 The Teletubbies aren't spoiled brats.
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