Top 10 Ways in Which Teletubbies is Better Than Liv and Maddie

Most likely, you hate BOTH of these shows. But there are ways in which Liv and Maddie is worse. Here, I will describe them.

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1 Liv and Maddie has toilet humor and other really gross stuff, Teletubbies does not

Both shows suck and this list was more pointless then you claiming you would "reform" when you haven't.

Lol, I bet a little girl made this list. By the way. I hate Liv and Maddie and I wanna shove a pole up their asses.

If you want a similar show to Teletubbies, go watch Yo Gabba Gabba. They talk in English and have real names - maddiefretzthegirl

I had hoped that Disney1994 would be gone for good. But, to my unfortunate surprise, he's back.

And here we are with another pointless list, surprisingly going against a show that he adored. But at the same time, he's using a pre-school show as a comparison (of sorts). Incredible...

Why can't you get your 20s-something ass off the seat that you've likely shed your sweat and body fat upon and achieve what we can call a LIFE? - KennyRulz244444

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2 Teletubbies is original, while Liv and Maddie is a rip-off of multiple shows.

Teletubbies ripped off care bears

3 The Teletubbies don't teach bad examples or complain. Liv and Maddie do.
4 Teletubbies Gives You Nightmares

No they don't its about peace, friendship.
Even the sun is based on the sun is smiling.

5 Liv and Maddie is full of stereotypes, Teletubbies isn't.
6 The Teletubbies aren't selfish.

They're not selfish, but they are horribly impaired mentally. - Kaylow34

7 Liv and Maddie fight, the Teletubbies don't.

Only because Teletubbies are brainless - Kaylow34

8 Teletubbies shows diversity in its main cast, Liv and Maddie does not.
9 More people know the Teletubbies

..and they hate it. - Kaylow34

10 Teletubbies made 365 episodes in four years while Liv and Maddie only made 80.

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11 Teletubbies sold countless DVDs and VHS tapes. There's no Liv and Maddie DVDs or Blu-rays.
12 Teletubbies doesn't have a mean-spirited undertone.
13 Teletubbies doesn't have random plot conveniences.
14 Teletubbies doesn't have love triangles.
15 Teletubbies doesn't have writing that's really awful.

Yes. Yes it does. - Kaylow34

16 Teletubbies isn't sexist.
17 The Teletubbies aren't spoiled brats.
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