Top Ten Ways In Which We Can Relate to Creepypasta Characters

These are a few things that happened to some creepypasta characters that happen to us in our own lives. We can really relate to what happened to them. Most of these are negative, so please excuse that.

The Top Ten

1 We have all lost someone dear

Very true. by the way, forever smiling, you're a genius! - GGaming

2 We have all made mistakes

Very much something I make sure to remember when I encounter someone I may not be a fan of. - keycha1n

Nobody is perfect, even if some like to think they are.

3 We've all been scarred
4 We've all been betrayed
5 We have felt lost and/or abandoned

Laughing Jack I know your pain bro. =(

6 We have all wanted to mess with someone
7 Most of us have wanted to get revenge on someone else
8 At times it was hard to breathe
9 We all go through tough times
10 We have all felt a lust for a particular thing

The Contenders

11 We have been bullied or picked on
12 We are different

This is what makes us all unique. Why would want to be the same?

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