Top 10 Ways in Which Wild Kratts is Superior to Rusty Rivets

This list is targeted towards parents, and older siblings of kids who watch either of these shows. This list is made to help parents and older sibs decide which show is better for their children and siblings. This list is also made to praise Paula Kerger (the president of PBS) and Martin Kratt and Chris Kratt (the creators of Wild Kratts). This list is also made to make Cyma Zarghami (the president of Nickelodeon) and Joshua Fisher and Michael O'Hare (the creators of Rusty Rivets) realize what they can do to fix Rusty Rivets.

Keep in mind, I like both of these shows.
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1 Wild Kratts teaches about animals, while Rusty Rivets tries to teach STEM but fails

The Kratt Brothers' other two shows, Zoboomafoo and Kratts' Creatures, were also very educational about animals and such, but Wild Kratts is the most educational out of the three. Since it is on PBS, every narrative has an animal curriculum woven into it very carefully. In every episode, there is a learning goal, a featured animal, and a never before or rarely seen wildlife moment, according to the PBS Parents website.

Apparently (according to Nickelodeon) Rusty Rivets helps fuel preschoolers' confidence creativity with a focus on inventing, creating and problem solving. Rusty Rivets' characters do use basic concepts of engineering, robotics, and programming, but the thing that makes the curriculum fall apart is that there are no technical lessons on STEM and they are way too subtle. Shows on PBS that teach STEM are far more educational than this show, including Wild Kratts.

2 Wild Kratts is for everyone, while Rusty Rivets seems more for boys

Wild Kratts is for both boys AND girls, and doesn't seem to skew towards either of them specifically. It's just for everyone. Even though the two main characters are both boys, the show is still fairly gender-neutral Both the male and female characters are strong role models in their own right. And it's not too girly, and not too boyish either. Plus, you can have a boy or girl avatar in Wild Kratts games on the PBS Kids website.

Meanwhile, Rusty Rivets seems to skew towards boys too much. Rusty's team only consists of literally one female, and that's Ruby Ramirez. At least on Wild Kratts, there are two female members of the team: Aviva and Koki. Unless Nickelodeon decides that they want to market Ruby more when RR merchandise comes out, then this show is officially in the Boy Show Ghetto.

3 Wild Kratts has better characters
4 Rusty Rivets is overrated, while Wild Kratts is underrated

Rusty Rivets is the third most overrated kids show on the entire planet, only ever behind Shimmer and Shine and PAW Patrol. A lot of kids and their parents love it. I like it too, but it's not my most favorite Nick Jr. show. Like the other shows, it's overrated by Nickelodeon and they're constantly promoting it, and also always citing it as one of their flagship preschool shows. And they recently ordered a second season, and Rusty Rivets is getting a toyline this fall. So that means we can expect to see merchandise spammed in the store by this Christmas season.

Wild Kratts is the third most underrated kids show on the entire planet, only ever behind Odd Squad and Ready Jet Go. Again, a lot of kids and their parents love it. But everyone else overhates on it for no reason! It's one of the most overhated shows of all time! In fact, Wild Kratts' haters have extremely poor reasons to hate it! They claim that this show overrates the honey badger, when the honey badger only appeared ...more

5 Wild Kratts has better animation than Rusty Rivets

I know that Wild Kratts has a different animation style than Rusty Rivets, but I'm just going to talk about the weaknesses of Rusty Rivets' animation and the strengths of Wild Kratts' animation. Rusty Rivets' animation is obviously better than the animation of Shimmer and Shine and PAW Patrol, but Rusty Rivets is made by the same company that made PAW Patrol so...the animation still isn't the best. I will admit the backgrounds are very nice looking and some of the effects are nice, such as when Rusty and Ruby are in their own 'little world' designing something, but the animation for the characters, once again looks like plastic. I don't need to explain.

Wild Kratts has 2D animation, but it's still very nice. The animation is very smooth, fluid, and lacks those big, distracting, thick outlines you see on most 2D cartoons these days. The backgrounds are extremely detailed and beautiful, and some of the effects are very nice. There are barely any animation errors, and the sky in ...more

Rusty Rivets Has 3d cgi. 2d animation always better than 3d animation. Its only a matter of time until memers start memeing Rusty Rivets.

6 Wild Kratts is less formulaic

Actually, Rusty Rivets isn't that formulaic. It's not as formulaic as PAW Patrol or the first season of Shimmer and Shine, but some of the same things happen in every episode. In every Rusty Rivets episode, Liam has a problem, (either it becomes Rusty/Ruby's too, or only Rusty and Ruby have a problem), they try to solve it after multiple attempts, they can't solve it, and then Rusty and Ruby get an idea and they go off in their own little world designing something to solve the problem. The problem gets solved, everyone's happy, the episode ends. There are also tons of transformation sequences that are mainly used as filler, and Ruby usually calls their robot friends in every episode.

Wild Kratts does not follow a specific plot formula thankfully. The only things that appear in every episode are the educational parts about animals, but usually the educational parts tie into the plot. This allows more creative freedom into Wild Kratt's plots. Sure, some plots are alike, but Wild ...more

7 Wild Kratts has a better theme song
8 Wild Kratts has been much more of a ratings success than Rusty Rivets

Like PAW Patrol and Shimmer and Shine, Nick execs always cite Rusty Rivets as one of their highest-rated preschool series. Well, the highest rated episode had a 1.20. That may seem like much to you, but in Wild Kratts' case...

Wild Kratts helped to boost up PBS Kids' ratings back in 2012. Wild Kratts has an average audience of kids 2-8, and in 2012, WK's ratings increased by 30 percent. Also, in 2015, Wild Kratts was the top kids show in the U.S., holding the #1 spot for kids 4-8, while Nick Jr. shows only go from ages 2-5. Eat on that, Nickelodeon! Your preschool pipeline may hold the distinction of being the top 4 out of 5 preschool shows on CABLE television, but PBS is a public member station, so haha.

9 Wild Kratts is on a better channel
10 Wild Kratts doesn't have annoying catchphrases

A lot of preschool shows these days have ridiculous, cringe-worthy catchphrases and quotes that have turned into memes. However, Wild Kratts has great catchphrases. Such as "What if! ", "Keep on creature adventuring! ", "Living free and in the wild! ", "To the creature rescue! ", and "Keep on learning about creatures and we’ll see you on the creature trail."

However, Rusty Rivets has slightly more annoying catchphrases. Well, it WAS made by the same company that made PAW Patrol and Little Charmers, two shows that both have irritating catchphrases, so at this point it was pretty much inevitable. There are quotes that get old fast such as "Let's combine it and design it! ", "Let's get some bits on the fix! ', "Time to bolt! ", and some others that I forgot about because some of them were forgettable at best.

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11 Wild Kratts is more mature than Rusty Rivets

I can tell do to its format and how it comes off. Plus, WK (Wild Kratts) has more violence and blood than Rusty Rivets.

12 Rusty doesn't have actual villains
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