Top Ten Ways Why Sally Acorn Is Better Than Amy Rose


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1 She doesn't scream

"Sigh" This list is really dumb. These are all silly reasons. I like both girls. I would say the same thing if this list was called (reasons why amy rose is better then sally acorn.) This list is kinda fan bratty and Amy isn't a "useless character" Amy has her own team called team rose. Its honestly sad that people like this still exist today. Why can't people just respect people who like Amy. And why can't people who like Sally be respected. I've been bashed for liking Amy a few times. And this list disgust me. Plus what does "humping sonics leg" even mean? If you really hate Amy, then stick with SatAM and archie so you don't have to see Amy.If you hate Sally, Then just stick with the games. Since these characters are "SOOO BAD! D:" I just want peace in the fanbase. People like this makes me wanna leave the fanbase. Is it so hard to respect others opinions? Once again I like Amy and Sally so I'm not taking sides here.

Sally is sweet, kind and caring. - TwilightKitsune

And she stands up to bad guys like Eggman!

No offense, Twily but I despise both characters. No offense - MLPFan

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2 She doesn't hump Sonic's leg

Amy is a shameless pervert - TwilightKitsune

3 Sally is a princess

Christ, it's "Dora Is a Girl" all over again!

She takes care of her kingdom! - TwilightKitsune

4 She doesn't claim Sonic as hers

Unlike Amy Rose! She is so bratty. - TwilightKitsune

5 Amy Rose is a useless character

Sally only appeared like once. Amy can fight and be swag unlike Sally.

Amy is a girly and annoying addition to Sonic CD. Dude, Sally was Sonic's girlfriend before but why Amy? - bugger

Totally agree with bugger. - TwilightKitsune

Amy Rules! Sally Acorn Drools! because Amy Is Better Than Sally And Sally Is really Bad And A Useless Dumb CHARACTER!

6 She's not spoiled

Freedom Fighters are better than Team Rose - TwilightKitsune

7 Nobody loves Amy in Sonic

Well, they do because there actually modern lovers and they don't know who is Sally Acorn. I suck at 2D sonic games but I do love Classics better than Modern Days - bugger

I wish Amy would just be a darling like Peach and just go away.

I like Amy

8 She leads Freedom Fighters

I love Freedom fighters and amy fans are mean so there. - TwilightKitsune

9 Sally saves people

Look, not everyone likes amy, ok. Please respect it - TwilightKitsune

Amy doesn't?

10 Amy Rose deserves to die

Well, I think Sally Acorn is the most forgotten Sonic Characters now. And... Ok... Back in Sonic Generations, how did she not appear in this game if this is bringing back the old levels game. She would of appeared as her 3D self and not fan made. Ok... Back in topic, in the future. What if Sally Acorn Replaced Amy and like she wears a blue princess dress (not Rosalina's dress) and not make it girlier and a nicer voice act by not dropping her voice down. And she has more skills than Amy. That's my idea for sega - bugger

Amy does not I hate you Sally deserves to die not Amy

This is stupid

Most annoying character of all time to me, but she should just go away not die O.O

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11 Sally is more sexy

This is the wierdest part of the lists - Carsrule300

kill me

12 Amy is a stalker and a rapist

How loud is Amy Rose's voice anyways. - bugger

Um...this sounds racist

13 Sally actually kissed Sonic
14 Sally is prettier
15 Amy Rose is the most overrated Sega character

Modern Sally Acorn is a close second and not the best female Sonic character. Blaze the Cat is.

No she is underrated Sally sucks Amy is the best

16 Sally isn't a fangirl

Amy "loves" Sonic to the point of being a stupid yandere while Sonic and Sally are honestly true love.

Which causes Amy Rose to be unfairly overrated. >:(

17 Sally is more mature

I agree, Amy is very immature, whiny, spoiled, and emotional. Sally is more focused on the job, takes care of her kingdom, and isn’t so clingy

18 Amy is stupid
19 Classic Sally Acorn is extremely skillful and does not rely on anyone to rescue her
20 Sally Acorn didn't furiously accuse anyone for doing what she forced him/her to do
21 Sally doesn't get treated like a damsel in distress

Sally is the best - Carsrule300

22 Sally Acorn could kill Amy Rose
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