Top Ten Ways Why Taylor Swift is Much Better Than Ariana Grande


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1 Taylor can write great songs

Both of them can write great songs. But please stop overpraising so much on Taylor Swift or whatsoever. Actually, Taylor did many bad things too so no one is perfect. - waraypiso

YES! Taylor is an amazing songwriter and I love how she writes songs for herself and other people. Her lyrics are original too and they're so impressive and poetic.

Yeah, she wrote best songs in the Speak Now album without Co-Writers and I always thought this is INSANE!, but she looks amazing and absolutely perfection, epic, and awesome! I also love her costumes in her tours and music videos, she looks so hot, fantastic, amazing, great, really good, and cool! - VeronicaMSP

Ariana does not actually do any songwriting.

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2 Taylor doesn't have to lick donut to earn fame

Yes. Tru - waraypiso


3 Taylor doesn't scream when she singing


4 Taylor never makes explicit songs

Yeah she writes beautiful lyrics, not borderline pornographic garbage.

That's because Taylor's too scared to make explicit songs.

Not true anymore


5 Speak Now is much better than Dangerous Woman

I agree. At least Taylor writes her music. Ariana does

Speak now is on another level

6 Taylor can make a joke

Also Ariana, she can make a joke too. I am not trolling her - waraypiso

That baby voice... (Ariana Grande) - MissRWBY202

And I mean it's cute - MissRWBY202

7 Love Story is much better than Love Me Harder

For me, not. Actually, Love Me Harder is way better than Love Story. Love Story is so cheesy and generic song. please respect my opinion - waraypiso

Who is this writing about this this is crap that's not true you kown she's not that famous Ariana got good songs I don't think this is fair it's not fair love me harder is sexy and she's more youger sow tell me that and she's kind you kown I regret taylor can't sing to well no afance talor but sorry but still love me harder is one of the best songs you kown same of taylor swift's songs are bad sorry but she's not my favrote singer I'm sorry but I'm relly not happy who did this who ever write this is wrong agout everything

8 Most of Taylor Swift's music videos are suitable for kids

Yes, except for...Ready For It? , her body suit parts is not suitable for younger children - VeronicaMSP

9 Taylor has given her fans Christmas gifts

How thoughtful of Taylor Swift. At least Taylor Swift isn't rude to her fans like Ariana Grande. Taylor has a better singing voice than Ariana.

10 Taylor Swift is super nice to her fans and actually makes time for them

Very nice indeed

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11 Taylor doesn't make songs with Nicki Minaj

But Taylor knows who is Nicki Minaj? - waraypiso

12 Taylor Swift writes all of her own songs unlike Ariana Grande
13 She Hates Nicki Minaj
14 Taylor isn’t annoying
15 You can understand what Taylor is saying

Ariana Grande may have a nice voice, but she doesn't pronunciate so half of her songs are just like "alskdjfoieujkadja." You can hear exactly what Taylor is saying which I think is very important.

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