Top Ten Ways Why We Bare Bears Is Better Than Clarence


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1 Better Characters

Clarence has plain characters - blst0033

2 It's Original
3 It Can Be Funny Without Butt Humor
4 Better Intro

The intro for Clarence is just someone shouting "I'm king of the world! ". - blst0033

Yeah, and we bare bear's intro is funny and cute (in my opinion)

I love the we bare bears intro 👍

I replayed the intro about 100 times:


5 Clarence Is Fat

I prefer We Bare Bears but nothing is wrong with being fat

So is panda - RyanMtheGamer

6 We Bare Bears Isn't Stupid
7 Clarence Is Hard to Laugh At

We Bare Bears is not funny either.

8 Better Plots
9 Better Animation
10 It's More Popular

Despite We bare bears being a new show and clarence being one that's been around for about 1 year, I can say this item is true. - nintendofan126

The Contenders

11 The show is not cringeworthy like Clarence and Teen Titans Go!

Woah Woah Woah! There's no need to get TTG in this - RyanMtheGamer

12 Clarence completely ripped off We Bare Bears

How did it rip off WBB? Clarence is just about three kids messing around in a city! - IceBearRules

Clarence was made in 2014, We Bare Bears was made in 2015. But, it was made as a comic in 2009.

13 Less Stupidity
14 Ice Bear is Smarter Than Jeff
15 No Characters from We Bare Bears Fight Just for a Seat on the Couch or for French Fries
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1. Better Animation
2. Better Characters
3. Less Stupidity
1. Better Characters
2. It's Original
3. It Can Be Funny Without Butt Humor


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