Top 10 Ways the World Is Flawed


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1 Pervasive Violence

Violence isn't really a flaw... It is bad and some of it is a flaw, I agree. Most violence that is caused is in war, and is because one country wants to mess with another country so they fight to see who is dominate, just like animals in nature. Violence is just a way of life. - That_Dude5414

I disagree. We aren't like animals in nature, and we shouldn't use that as an excuse to be violent. We're thinking, feeling human beings who should know better. It shouldn't be a way of life. - IpodSwagger

Violence is bad and we should end it - JaysTop10List

2 Terrorism

The Islamic State needs to have their bases bombed by the U.S.. The only issue is that the IS can shoot our planes down. - Turkeyasylum

The world will be way better without them. - Delgia2k

Oh, yes! Terrorism. If it wasn't for Islam, terrorism would still exist (I'm not denying that), but it wouldn't be as common. Let's face it: their religion is evil and has contributed NOTHING to humanity, even after 1,400 years. The Quaran is quite an evil book, and it'd be great if all those idiot Muslims realized that. They say Islam is a “religion of peace. ” Well, instead of saying that bullcrap statement to our faces and expecting to take your word for it, why not actually prove to us that you Muslims are actually peaceful, because you're giving us the exact opposite impression.

And your 72 Virgins crap... Such a low and awful thing to believe in. No wonder you Muslims are said to be sexist.

3 Poverty
4 Overrun With Idiots

This is true... But over poverty? - Minecraftcrazy530

5 Stereotypes
6 Phone Addiction

I think there are bigger flaws than this. - Userguy44

How sad, a person having something to do. You know, I wish we could all sit and idle all day. - CityGuru

7 No Talent Is Needed to Make It Big

You guys have your priorities screwed up. I love arts and humanities, but if you seriously think the flaws of celebrities are worse than ISIS, you need a reality check. - keycha1n

Sorry. I was running out of ideas at first - KingoNarwals

8 Nobody Cares About the Environment
9 Overpopulation

This is the root cause of most other issues, and overshadows everything.

10 Manners Are Almost Non-Existent

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11 Selfies

Selfies over poverty? Really? - Turkeyasylum

12 Animal Abuse

Kind of falls into the environment, I think, but still. People own such pets and torture them. It is crazy. - Koolness88

13 Rape

This should be higher. - Userguy44

14 Homosexuality

Shut up homophobe - ElSherlock

Against nature. Produces nothing but death (mental & physical) and disease.

15 Pop Music Taking Over Everyday Life

Pop music over terrorism? You guys are immature. Leave pop fans alone you crazy rock fans ( no offense to some that aren't crazy) let people listen to the music that they like it. If this continues, trust me, another blog will be posted... - JaysTop10List

Ookaaayy then. Why is this even on here - CityGuru

16 Religious Extremism
17 Racism
18 Sexism
19 Speciesism
20 Ignorance
21 Education System
22 Body Standards
23 Mental Health
24 Pollution
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