Top Ten Ways Yokai Watch Sucks


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1 It's a Pokemon Ripoff

Another boring Pokemon rip off! I finally found someone that hates this show! It is stupid and lame, this should not even be called an anime. Even Digimon was better than this garbage. - AnimeDrawer it's not. It literally plays nothing like Pokemon aside from the monster collecting factor. It's actually really fun and refreshing. - InklingSethO

Glad I'm not the only one who hates the show - ChatNoirFan18

It's not a ripoff! Putting this reason on the list is like comparing guardians of the galaxy to the avengers. And besides,Nate uses a watch to summon not something similar to poke balls.Yo Kai watch also has no content (except in the several miniseries).So there is no reason to call it a ripoff. - Addsmumba

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2 The Characters are Stupid

Nate is pathetic.
Katie is a skank.
Bear is an ass.
Eddie is a hipster.

But the Yo-kai themselves, especially some like Roughraff, Robonyan, Manjimutt and Komasan have great personalities and characters! Give them a chance! - InklingSethO

3 The Main Character is a Dumbass

Nate is pathetic. We can all agree on that. But the Yo-kai themselves have such diverse personalities. - InklingSethO

Some whiny, annoying kid as the main character that is lame. - AnimeDrawer

4 The Characters are Ugly

I agree, it does not even look like real anime, they look too childish to be anime. - AnimeDrawer

5 Bad Animation
6 Uncreative Plots

Still better than Pokemon's plots. - InklingSethO

7 The Characters Look Like They Were Made by Drug Dealers

It is the gayest thing on the planet
Whiny main character
Unoriginal plots
Worst into/outro ever
isn't anime its too childish
For babys

8 It Doesn't Make Any Sense
9 It's Frustrating
10 It's a Waste of Time and Money

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11 It's an Anime

This does not even look like an anime. It looks like cheap art. - AnimeDrawer

12 It's Boring

Yep, I watched a bit of it, and it was boring, it is some kid sitting in a class doing nothing but controlling boring, ugly creatures. Watch Pokemon which is far more interesting than this abomination. - AnimeDrawer

13 It's Unoriginal
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