Top Ten Ways Yokai Watch Sucks


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1 It's a Pokemon Ripoff

Just because they're both monster catching games doesn't mean it's a ripoff. Besides Pokemon wasn't the first, just the first that got big. Pokemon, Yokai Watch, Digimon. They're all great! Pokemon may be my favorite by far because I like the concept of it more. But they all do their own thing! Pokemon are live monsters and is more of a pet concept unlike Digimon who are digital or Yokai who are spirits. So this is a really unfair to hate a Pokemon 'ripoff', heck I even hate that word.

Characters are CLEARLY copied and pasted from Pokemon with minor differences.

Another boring Pokemon rip off! I finally found someone that hates this show! It is stupid and lame, this should not even be called an anime. Even Digimon was better than this garbage.

I like it but I respect your opinion - BlazingParasol

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2 The Characters are Stupid

Nate is pathetic.
Katie is a skank.
Bear is an ass.
Eddie is a hipster.

But the Yo-kai themselves, especially some like Roughraff, Robonyan, Manjimutt and Komasan have great personalities and characters! Give them a chance! - InklingSethO

This is true, but some characters really aren’t and deserve a chance. Like, Robonyan has fans, but doesn’t have too many in order to be an Ensemble Dark Horse (or a really popular minor character). I mean, there’s even a few good characters! If only WatchMojo didn’t make that video (but it was necessary to feature YKW for once after it YKW was mentioned once in an earlier video). Oh well. Honestly, the beginning is mostly boring. Besides, it’s taking so long for season 3 to come out in America! The games do the same thing. I mean, it gets better and better each season and game! Well, I’m done. Thanks for reading this seemingly long post.

3 The Main Character is a Dumbass

Nate is pathetic. We can all agree on that. But the Yo-kai themselves have such diverse personalities. - InklingSethO

Some whiny, annoying kid as the main character that is lame.

4 The Characters are Ugly

Especially Bear.

I agree, it does not even look like real anime, they look too childish to be anime.

5 Bad Animation

Ok I hate YOKAI but what Anime is niet a 60FPS animation, Pokémon scènes are mostly alsof 24fps

6 Uncreative Plots

At least Pokemon has a plot

Still better than Pokemon's plots. - InklingSethO

7 The Characters Look Like They Were Made by Drug Dealers

It is the gayest thing on the planet
Whiny main character
Unoriginal plots
Worst into/outro ever
isn't anime its too childish
For babys

8 It Doesn't Make Any Sense
9 The Only Good Character is Kyubi

Literally the only Yokai that looks pretty. The rest (aside from the cats which are just cute but bland) are ugly.
I wanted to get the game for Kyubi alone but since Kyubi is late game, I don't even care anymore.

10 It's Frustrating

It definitely is. Some Yokai are impossible to encounter because they wont stay in the cirkle.

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11 It's Boring

Yep, I watched a bit of it, and it was boring, it is some kid sitting in a class doing nothing but controlling boring, ugly creatures. Watch Pokemon which is far more interesting than this abomination.

12 It Ripped Off Ben 10


Okay thia list ia stupid. Just as you yo kai watch haters

13 It's an Anime

How is this a reason? Your just a bunch of butt heart babies who can't except anything that is new or can possibly be good but pokemon

This does not even look like an anime. It looks like cheap art.

14 It's a Waste of Time and Money
15 It's Unoriginal
16 It’s Annoying
17 Some of the Characters Have Minor Differences from Pokemon

Example Dismarelda is basically Muk except with a bow.

18 It Promotes Satanism
19 It Only Exists To Sell Merchandise
20 Lack of Character Development
21 The Only Good Character is Venoct
22 The Designs are Bad

One of the Yokai is literally a farting butt -_-

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