Top Ten Ways You Can Tell a Woman Is a Lesbian

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1 The Way She Looks at Women

This is probably one of the only things on the list that is true. Some women don't touch or flirt withother woman becasue (drumroll) anxiety, so they stare at the women. Also looks and tastes in music and stuff aren't factors. And lesbians don't hate men, just as Straight girls don't hate women - AnonymousChick

Okay, this list is obviously homophobic and stereotypical.

2 The Way She Touches Other Women

My friend looks at me weird my dad takes me to see her on the weekends and she jumped on me and I just opened my mouth to yell but it was to late... SHE LICKED MY TOUNGUE AND KEEPS KISSING ME SHE TRIES TO AND SHE IS 9

3 Always Flirting With Women

Wow, this one is really weird. - RockFashionista

4 Hangs Around a Certain Girl
5 Has Short Hair

I have short hair, but not all short-haired girls are lesbians. - Hanjax70

.. Do people still think like that? I do have short hair and I'm not more of a lesbian.. --''

6 Has Short Nails
7 She's a Feminist

Lmao I'm a lesbian and I'm not..

8 She Says She's a Lesbian

Shouldn’t this be the most obvious one?

9 Has a Rough Voice
10 Her Clothes & Style

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11 She Treats Men with Hate

Lesbians don't hate men since lesbians can be friends with men - ElSherlock

Um... Lesbians do not HATE men. Just because they are not sexually attracted to men, does not mean they hate them.


12 She Drives a Subaru
13 She Goes on Tumblr

A blogging website.

14 Her Taste for Music & Movies
15 She's Open with Guys on Her Relationship Status
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