Ways You Know Your Conversation With Someone Is Over

So I was just talking to my friend and I realized that our conversation was over, so I decided to make this list!

The Top Ten Ways You Know Your Conversation With Someone Is Over

The other person starts talking to someone else

"Hey! Can you tell me about that new video you were talking about the other day? "

'Wait I gotta go talk to Percy. '


Other person is already gone. - cosmo

The other person moves onto another subject

"Hey why are you mad at me? "

'Because of what you did today..."

"But it was an accident."

'What do you think about the new movie coming out? '

"I don't know." - cosmo

"Can you come with me to the dance? "

'No. I'm already going with someone else. '

"But you promised you would go with me."

Hey a new show called Universal Conquest is coming out on May 13th and will be airing on Nickelodeon. It looks cool and will probably surprass SpongeBob in quality. I can't wait till it comes out. They are already working on Season 1. '

"Um.. Ok? "

'They are also making a new movie about Universal Conquest. Yay!'

"What about the dance?"

'And look. A new video game about Universal Conquest. And new posters! Wow! I better go buy them.

"But the dance-"

'And look the main character is Olive Trin. Wow! They are making a new YouTube channel.'
- cosmo

The other person agrees to everything you say

'I like bunnies. '
'Yup, me too. '
'I love dogs more though. '
'Sure... '
*notices the other person isn't paying attention*
'I hate you. '
'Yeah, I agree... ' - Lina1028

Yes... - mpKarthik

The other person starts looking around

I do this when people trap me in awkward and weird conversations. - Hermione_Granger220

The other person starts saying simple words

Yeah, that's a mistake I always make. Don't worry, I love you all really! - IronSabbathPriest

Words like: 'Yeah... ' 'Uh huh... ' 'Sure... ' 'I don't know... ' - Lina1028

The other person looks so bored you think they're going to fall asleep

'Are you... Bored? '
'No, NO! I'm just... Listening... ' - Lina1028

The other person walks away without saying anything
The other person pretends someone else is calling them

It's like:
'So what do you think about-? '
'Oh wait! My mom's calling me! ' *runs away*
'But you mom is at HOME! ' - Lina1028

This one I saw a lot but nobody has ended the conversation this way with me yet. - Fan_of_Good_Music

So, have you heard the new song yet?
Um, oops, my mom’s calling.

The other person doesn't respond

I have a really hard time continuing and starting conversations. If I don't respond, it doesn't mean I'm done with a conversation, it just means I don't know what to say. - RockFashionista

The other person says, "K."

Potassium! - TheFourthWorld

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