Top Ten Ways You Know You Are Getting Old

What are the things that happen that remind you that yes, you are older no matter how young you still think you are?

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21 When you call 20/30 somethings Kids

You will try to resist it but eventually you will fall into this little age revealing habit. By crackie... - mgenet

Instead of young adults or some other less demeaning and age defining phrase.

22 you're still tired even though you've slept 12 hours

I've felt this way now for a few years.

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23 You enjoy I Love Lucy

You're never too old or young to enjoy a classic like I Love Lucy - bobbythebrony

24 when broadness of the mind and narrowness of the waist change places

Not quite but I'll come back in forty days. Things will have definitely have changed places by then. - Britgirl

25 your pants start to rise to your armpits
26 You think Betty White is sexy

What the hell? This is probably true though - bobbythebrony

27 you are glad you can hand the grandchildren back over to their parents
28 You can't tell the difference between your son and your potted plant

This is if you have kids... - Minecraftcrazy530

29 When you stop waving goodbye but, the top of your arm carries on.
30 The Candles Cost More than the cake
31 you grow hair on your ears
32 you're shocked when somebody says "Who is Flash Gordon?"

Umm, the savior of the universe? ( bonus points if you get the reference). - MusicalPony

33 you get all wrinkly
34 When you go to tie your shoelaces and see if there is anything else you can do while you're down there.

When you're pregnant, this also applies

35 You and your teeth don't sleep together.
36 When someone who knows your age tells you that you're "as young as ever" or similar
37 You smell weird
38 You had a childhood friendship with the oldest person alive
39 You remember Sesame Street premiering on November 10th 1969 but you don't remember watching the Lego Movie on February 7th 2014
40 You can't hear people

Fun Fact About Danteem:
Here's my Serect!
I am deaf and I uses hearing aids! I'm hard of hearing! I hear pretty well! - Danteem

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1. can't read anymore without reading glasses
2. when your parents die
3. Need to start using a cane
1. can't read anymore without reading glasses
2. you disapprove of the clothing young people wear, and their music, too
3. you are stunned when a young person says Who are the Beatles?
1. your hair starts going white
2. Need to start using a cane
3. can't read anymore without reading glasses



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