Top 10 Ways You Wish You Were More Confident About Your Life and Yourself

For one to be 'confident' or a 'confident person' is quite broad and there are factors to consider involving one's self-condifence.
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In your decision making

Maybe you wish you were more decisive and or didn't think twice after every decision made.

With expressing your feelings publicly

I'm a pretty outgoing person, then there's no problem to me to do this!

In what you can attempt and achieve

Through your current workplace, goals, attempting new things, etc.

Your future plans


With your current job
With meeting new people
With your appeal towards other/new peope

An example would be having confidence that new people, friends, family or dates would like you.

With talking to the opposite sex
In your physical appearance

Body image is and always will be a huge problem for people of all ages globally. For some people they are content or not too worried about their appearance. Others have some serious problems with stressing and working on their appearance.

With your body and fitness

I've made a very definite move to improve my fitness and health. I already feel the benefits of it. Hard work and positive thinking makes a healthier and happier body and mind.

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In being able to understand and communicate on every level of society
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