Top 10 Ways Your Parents Can Embarrass You

The Top Ten

1 Sing a song in public about you as a baby

Oh god... - SpectralOwl

Lucky you - iliekpiez

2 Dress up in an embarrassing costume

My mom was going to dress up in a dinosaur costume to go to the airport.

3 Show people a slide show of your baby pictures

Oh my god! Just No!

Lucky them - iliekpiez

Please no.. - SpectralOwl

4 Call you a babyish nickname

Aw little baldnadie aww - iliekpiez

5 Bring stuffed animals out to places and make them annoy people

One time, my mom brought a stuffed mosquito to the grocery store and made it sting people. That was the most embarrassing moment that ever happened to me.

6 Hug and kiss you in a public place

@WWEWBMortalKombatFan-what if your friends from school sees it?

What wrong with that? - WWEWBMortalKombatFan

7 Take you to babyish movies
8 Tell random people embarrassing stories about you

Oh mom does it all the time during family gathering!

Once, when I was very young, my mom farted and I smelled it and thought it was taco bell. For the next few years, she never stopped telling everyone. - Solacress

UGH! I hate it when they do that! Like just shut up!

9 Talk loudly about babyish shows you used to watch
10 Tell one of your embarrassing moments to your crush

I'd be embarrassed by that too.

The Contenders

11 Complain about what kids do nowadays
12 Ask you to help them with something easy on their phone and then tell everyone you should get a job in technology
13 Force you on baby rides at amusement parks
14 Tell relatives an embarrassing story about your childhood in public

This happened once while on a vacation to LA and I wanted to hide my face in embarrassment!

15 Speak to you in baby talk

My parents don't do this, but my relatives do... I'm 26.

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