Top Ten Ways YouTube Sucks Now

YouTube was once so great to go on back in the day.

But recently, it has become a piece of [email protected] like nothing else.

Some might agree or disagree with what's said on here, but it's the truth, no harm done.

Here are the reasons why YouTube sucks nowadays.

The Top Ten

1 No More Entertainment

YouTube was once entertaining to go on, but then very recently, it has started to change like nothing else.

Many users have either gone crazy or YouTube gained crazy users, they aren't even funny at all, they just do stupid and random things that rely too much on shock value and junk, like worse than vomit.

They just want to discuss the worst parts of their personal lives to others, and yet the people also use bad words and talk too much about certain things, like when was the last time someone lost his/her virginity? It's just stupid that people on YouTube these days are especially taking it the wrong way.
And not only that, they do that stuff because they're too desperate for money and yet since YouTube has paid them to do things, they're especially nowadays going way too overboard on it.

Yet even the best YouTube channels are either gone or messed up by idiots, again, because of money.

Now we don't have anything entertaining nor original on YouTube ...more - nelsonerica

Very true, it was once great, but took the DeviantArt path and became a horrible site.
People are fighting and making some of the worst videos about some of the worst parts about their personal lives and letting others invade their privacy.
And the reactions don't make any sense and the anime fans are just going out of control.
It used to be great, but now it sucks.

True, YouTube sucks now, the entertainment is gone, people are just posting stupid videos about their bodies and poop, they even make fun of others and themselves, and they like to talk about having sex.

Ikr I remember when youtube had quality content and funny memes but now it's just filled with 7 year olds with their fidget spinners!

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2 Copyright Paranoia

YouTube, what are you doing? The copyright is bullcrap, it's even going to lose you money. The copyright system is flawed to the point were it's just so easy to falsely claim copyright, the claimer when they are caught doesn't even get into terrible for it. It just takes 3 flawed claims to ruin a entire channel, or life depending on what channel is deleted. Do you even know what the word "fair use" even means? Legit parodies are getting taken down, PARODIES, are you kidding me? Well, YouTube probably won't see this, but whatever. - PinataonSugar

YouTube used to be a place where you can watch videos, shows and movies for free or even download them for free without being illegal or containing viruses.

But then complaints about them being copyright took place and YouTube removed those videos because of that, yet it's going out of control, even edited videos get removed for those reasons - nelsonerica

This is actually why I'm the angriest at youtube I've ever been. It used to allow parody channels to exist, but they figured they may as well delete them because of "copyright" even though it was perfectly legal. Frankly, I may just start using another video uploading site, I'm not sure if I can deal with youtube anymore after it deleted one of my favorite channels

They deleted Led Zeppelin's 1976 Stairway to Heaven performance, which had nearly 200M views. Well done [email protected] - naFrovivuS

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3 No More Originality

YouTube used to be a completely original place to go on, and it was the best as well, but now it's gone.

No more originality (other than those memory videos from you know who) and that's a major reason why YouTube sucks now.

When you went on YouTube back in the past, you were spellbound by all the awesomeness and especially originality it had.

There were videos of people doing original things, think about Numa Numa, Charlie Bit My Finger, Chocolate Rain, The Sneezing Panda, Star Wars Kid, Dramatic Chipmunk, and don't forget Fred.

But if you go on now, and ever since 2014, you are looking at nothing but pure lack of originality and those people are making videos about almost nothing but unoriginal and even gross stuff and showing off their parts to get more views and make more money, yet doing any sexual stuff for money is prostitution and that's illegal, those people are going to get sued one day, maybe sooner than we think/know.

And there are people ...more - nelsonerica

Talking about the same things to stay relevant

"No more originality"
So basically you guys are joining the YouTube Heroes fascist clan? - Mcgillacuddy

Three words: Clash Royale YouTubers. Honestly they have the easiest job in the world: 1. Wake up 2. Go on Twitter 3. Find "good" challenge to do that is 100% no sarcasm *cough* "unoriginal" 3. Post video with facecam of you getting super excited that your Goblins beat a Prince or something 4. Don't reply to comments because that's for "causal youtubers" 5. Go to bed 6.Repeat

Thumbs up if you agree

4 People are Greedy

Yeah, it's true, sometimes the only reason make more videos on YouTube is to get the money they provide when they get verified. Like Pewdiepie, I have no idea why he is popular, but he just screams, cusses, and plays games to make them popular. That's all he does, it takes no effort what-so-ever to do that. So this what's popular today? Well, I'm not shocked since VINE is popular. - PinataonSugar

That's exactly what YouTube's about theses days, people are so greedy that they just want to do whatever they can to make money, like take pictures of their bodies and/or talk about sexual related stuff/jokes and even swear and play with/eat poop or vomit.

It's just horrible that people choose to do that stuff because they want money so bad and they're trying so hard to make money, and while YouTube pays them, they're going too far. - nelsonerica

Almost every channels these days:
1. Sell merch (especially when they are not popular)
2. Are going to sell merch
3. Have a sponsor for every video
4. Talk about subscribing in the first 10 seconds of each video
5. Make a movie for the fan profit and then quit their channel to buy a mansion
6. Claim to do YouTube solely to appease the fans but instead get popular and make a movie, game, etc that just flops

5 Too Many Advertisements

YouTube was full of entertainment, but soon it got invaded with too many ads that interrupted our favorite videos.

Yet some advertisements could even have violence, sex or drugs, and that's a big problem with us. - nelsonerica

YouTube wants/needs Ad Revenue. Rather than ban controversial videos because they aren't Disney clean, why not acquire advertisers more congenial to the content? Lingerie and singles resorts advertise somewhere, don't they? And they pay premium bucks. To restate myself: Why not sort out the advertisers rather than censor the content?

Now I have some hacked ads every time when I rather watch YouTube I go on YouTube and I wait 10 seconds and some ads show up and they automatically take me to websites that don't have anything but only viruses.

Get Adblocker. - wrests

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6 Disgusting Jokes

YouTube used to have awesome and funny jokes that made us laugh, now it has nothing but disgusting jokes from people who have no life or talent, and they like to joke about gross foods as well as poop and their own body parts.

It's just so awful that people are doing that stuff for fame and money, yet they don't even care about their fans and they want to do everything negative they can to get as much as they want.

YouTube sucks now. - nelsonerica

Also the reaction channel's are so bad I can't believe people actually call that talent and call themeselfs You tubing people. Silly as jokes is annoying and doing anything to get attention I miss eating people making stories.

7 Bullying Comments

YouTube is also known as "one of the worst places on the internet." Bullying is the main reason behind it. YouTubers nowadays are so arrogant and full of themselves. That mostly applies to anime reviewers. - ToukaKirishima

When you see a video, you comment on it, but then not long afterwards, there were people posting mean comments about the videos and other people, some even said they want to f others off or even kill them.

Many even made fun of other people and/or their bodies/body parts and used the wrong words.
And some even said "kill it with fire" and that isn't even the worst, the worst is "if you don't like them, don't watch them", it's so mean because they're telling the others to go away/to h just because they don't like the videos/people.

Opinions exist, but mean comments are unnecessary and only hurt other people's feelings, and can even cause fights, which would ruin their lives, yet that's bullying and that's one of the worst things in the world.

It's one of the main things that ruined YouTube. - nelsonerica

Does anyone agree with me that Anime America Podcast should have its channel deleted by YouTube? Bullies like them shouldn't be allowed to make videos on YouTube if they can't respect people's opinions. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

This is not just about the bully comments it's also about how ignorent and arrogant some people are. Their are people that nadder and flap their lips all the time. How have those people not flown away yet?

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8 Google+ Bought It

YouTube was so good back then, but one of the things that ruined it was that Google+ bought it.

Ever since Google+ bought it, people had to sign in to Google+ to watch videos or even post comments.

YouTube lost its free magic, but at least that's over. - nelsonerica

Technically Google itself as a company bought YouTube, but I get what you mean. Google+ did not help YouTube at all.

Youtube was great, till Google+ bought it. Now I can't comment, and I not getting a dum Google+ account.

Google and YouTube sensor anything that doesn't agree with their agenda.

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9 The FRED Channel Got Sold

Believe it, the greatest YouTube channel of all time, FRED, has been sold by the person who created it, Lucas Cruikshank, because he wanted money, and he spent that money on a dumb useless vehicle.

And the people he sold it to have left 10 months ago, so therefore nobody's running it anymore.

It's the most horrible thing ever to happen to YouTube, You guys hated Fred so much because his voice was so annoying? He was supposed to be annoying, that was the thing about it, and he was creative, his story lines and characters were complete originality, and YouTube is garbage without Fred.

The Sneezing Panda, Charlie Bit My Finger, Numa Numa, Chocolate Rain and others were great, but Fred has influenced YouTube in ways that nothing else will ever do.
There will never EVER be a worse or sadder moment than this on YouTube, this has hit every record of it.

At least he made a few new Fred videos on his barely popular vlog channel to bring memories to his current ...more - nelsonerica

I TOTALLY agree with this, Nelsonerica was SO right, Fred was so annoying, but he was original, his lines were original, and especially his catchphrase "HEY IT'S FRED! ".
He sold his FRED Channel because he wanted money, he was going to Korea to save Fred from that new idiot as a way to bring Fred back, but instead afterwards, he just sold his channel to make more money, and he wasted it on some dumb car.

by the way, I saw that new Fred video, and I trust you, he admitted it at the same time and brought Fred back, and it was 2 days after Christmas in 2015, he did it.

Selling the FRED channel was the worst thing that has ever happened to and on YouTube.

The channel was kinda good. Why did they do that? - Neonco31


10 Good Videos Get Removed While Bad Videos Don't

YouTube used to keep good videos, but now, since its evolution and that of its people, YouTube won't keep many of the good videos anymore, they delete them soon after they're uploaded, while the bad ones, on the other hand, stay for as long as possible.

YouTube sucks man.

Good videos remove and bad stay what? WE ONLY NEED GOOD VIDEOS SCREW YOU ALL WHO DID THIS

GradeA has 2 videos all about YouTube's issues. - TheAwesomeBrosVotes

Yeah! - Outcast

The Newcomers

? Non-English YouTubers
? Playlist Generators

There aren't even that good! - Frouze

The Contenders

11 Minecraft YouTubers

Why are they hated so much? They're normal people who are doing their best to make videos on YouTube - PeeledBanana

I would REALLY love to be able to filter/block all the Minecraft and (even more so, Funnelvision) without having to block all the rest of YT. Especially since there's no "parental controls" on the PS3. It's all my daughter watches some days (unless I happen to have my tablet synced to the PS3, at which time I overwrite her queue with Hatsune Miku videos).

12 Clickbait

One of my biggest pet peeves. I'm sick of seeing video thumbnails with exposed body parts (yes if you use the view source feature and search for og:image youll see the full size image) flung all over YouTube. There are so many videos with this that I am sure children are seeing because I don't sign into YouTube. Thus proving that there is no maturity filter present. Thanks click bait... Because idiots click that crap in the hopes of actually seeing what is depicted in the picture more and more crapbait exists.

Clickbait is all over the Internet now!

13 Drama Everywhere

No wonder YouTube has gained so much drama lately these days, people are fighting and making stupid videos and comments, it's just like DeviantArt, that site was once good, but then people started fighting and drawing some of the most disgusting pictures in the world.

More good videos, less crap talking. Causing drama attracts the audience attention by cliffhangers, it will force the audience to wait for the next video and watch it. This is 95% of the to fake and if it isn't it will influence the people watching it and they will cause drama in real life. Trump won and look at the protestors, all stupid kids that watch YouTube everyday.

I only know a few big faces on YouTube that stay away from the drama.
Nigahiga (Who likes poking fun at trendy stuff)
Vsauce - TheAwesomeBrosVotes

14 Buffering

What happened to the commentary? I agree, I found this site because I was unable to find a way to increase the buffer size in video downloads. I have a slow connection and use to buffer a video while I did something else. Now I have to watch 3 seconds of a video, wait, watch 3 seconds of a video, watch 3 seconds of a video, wait, watch 3 seconds of a video, wait, watch 3 seconds of a video, wait, watch 3 seconds of a video, wait, watch 3 seconds of a video, wait, watch 3 seconds of a video, wait, watch 3 seconds of a video, wait, watch 3 seconds of a video, wait, watch 3 seconds of a video, wait, watch 3 seconds of a video, wait, watch 3 seconds of a video, wait, watch 3 seconds of a video, wait, watch 3 seconds of a video, wait, watch 3 seconds of a video, wait, watch 3 seconds of a video, wait, watch 3 seconds of a video, wait, watch 3 seconds of a video, wait, watch 3 seconds of a video, wait, watch 3 seconds of a video, wait, watch 3 seconds of a video, wait, watch 3 seconds of a ...more

It takes forever to run a video. I have lost my patience numerous times. You Tube/Google sucks.

I was happy but then YouTube had an update and now the videos can't load anymore

We need a new youtube type site because this one is bad broke

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15 The Fake Dislike Button on Comments

What fake dislike? - Frouze

16 8-year-Olds are Having YouTube Accounts

I don't think 8 year olds should have youtube because they might use their parents number and when that person gets money off youtube they will ring the kids parents

I agree. Little kids aren't being banned for being under 13 when they should be banned.

17 Doesn't Care About Smaller Channels

YouTube has a clear agenda in regards to who they promote and who they don't. They like liberal channels and dislike conservative channels. They also make it more difficult to find conservative channels.

It's really easy to claim the liberals are removing the conservatives. But the burden of proof is on you - Frouze

As a small channel I have to agree with that one. Youtube does nothing to help small channels to gain some exposure out there.

How are big channels made without small channels? YouTube is just losing money because of this.

It is impossible to contact YouTube to delete channels such as racists channels or channels where parents use their kids for YouTube money. YouTube is clearly looking for benefits and will not change without pressure of bigs channels, because he don't care about debate with smallers channels.

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18 YouTube Heroes

Youtube should know by now that there are a bunch of knuckleheads on it's sites and will only use this to screw every single youtuber over. What is wrong with you, Youtube? - UltraGamer

Worst crap ever

Youtube : I'm d.ying...

19 Flawed Algorithm

The YouTube algorithm is no friend to the content creator(s) or viewer(s). It buries individuals who put time and dedication into making videos and rewards those who post long (10+ minute videos) 1-2 times per day. This not only discourages a vast majority of people who do not know about the flawed algorithm but also hides great content from most people, recommending the videos and channels with the most watchtime. Watchtime is the average amount of time users watch a video before clicking away. The longer a video is, the more likely someone is to stay. Also, a video that spans he length of ten minutes can have up to FOUR advertisements, whereas videos under ten, can contain only one ad.

The worst algorithm I have ever seen. As simple as that. Million + lines of un-useful.

20 Inappropriate Music Videos

YouTube used to have good music videos, some were classic, and many others were about some of the best songs from some of the best singers.

But sadly this isn't true anymore, ever since Justin Bieber took over YouTube, he has made some of the worst music videos in the world, like Baby, and the videos got millions of views.

And even though he left, YouTube's music videos are still [email protected], there are the stupid Nicky Minaj videos and those from Meghan Trainor, yet some by Miley Cyrus, like the Wrecking Ball, and many more from many other bad singers.

YouTube is just full of [email protected] nowadays as the originality went away, especially due to greed, yet some videos get deleted for copyright reasons, and we can't watch them anymore, and yet even the original people turn bad later on and make some of the worst videos on YouTube.

We miss the good YouTube. - nelsonerica

VEVO will ban words like "shoot" but they will allow Anaconda video uncensored? - KingFab

Just to name a few- Wrecking Ball, Anaconda. - Catacorn

Wrecking ball and anaconda are bad! and justin beaber sucks too

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