Top Ten Ways YouTube Sucks Now

YouTube was once so great to go on back in the day.

But recently, it has become a piece of bullcr@p like nothing else.

Some might agree or disagree with what's said on here, but it's the truth, no harm done.

Here are the reasons why YouTube sucks nowadays.

The Top Ten Ways YouTube Sucks Now

1 Copyright Paranoia

YouTube, what are you doing? The copyright is bullcrap, it's even going to lose you money. The copyright system is flawed to the point were it's just so easy to falsely claim copyright, the claimer when they are caught doesn't even get into terrible for it. It just takes 3 flawed claims to ruin a entire channel, or life depending on what channel is deleted. Do you even know what the word "fair use" even means? Legit parodies are getting taken down, PARODIES, are you kidding me? Well, YouTube probably won't see this, but whatever. - PinataonSugar

I think youtube terminates smaller channels on purpose because they are not making them enough money.

True. YouTube does want to remove all the channels and videos that aren't "commercially viable". - shadomatrix

YouTube: Refuses to terminate Logan Paul.
Also YouTube: Terminates people for using 15 seconds of a song in their video.

Nice logic there... - 3DG20

YouTube used to be a place where you can watch videos, shows and movies for free or even download them for free without being illegal or containing viruses.

But then complaints about them being copyright took place and YouTube removed those videos because of that, yet it's going out of control, even edited videos get removed for those reasons - nelsonerica

2 Too Many Advertisements

YouTube was full of entertainment, but soon it got invaded with too many ads that interrupted our favorite videos.

Yet some advertisements could even have violence, sex or drugs, and that's a big problem with us. - nelsonerica

Imagine your watching a very long video (at least one hour), and towards the end of it some ad pops up and restarts the video. It's probably happened to everyone reading this. - shadomatrix

And now they play 2 ads at a time. Proof YouTube has become greedy. - 3DG20

YouTube wants/needs Ad Revenue. Rather than ban controversial videos because they aren't Disney clean, why not acquire advertisers more congenial to the content? Lingerie and singles resorts advertise somewhere, don't they? And they pay premium bucks. To restate myself: Why not sort out the advertisers rather than censor the content?

3 Buffering

What happened to the commentary? I agree, I found this site because I was unable to find a way to increase the buffer size in video downloads. I have a slow connection and use to buffer a video while I did something else. Now I have to watch 3 seconds of a video, wait, watch 3 seconds of a video, watch 3 seconds of a video, wait, watch 3 seconds of a video, wait, watch 3 seconds of a video, wait, watch 3 seconds of a video, wait, watch 3 seconds of a video, wait, watch 3 seconds of a video, wait, watch 3 seconds of a video, wait, watch 3 seconds of a video, wait, watch 3 seconds of a video, wait, watch 3 seconds of a video, wait, watch 3 seconds of a video, wait, watch 3 seconds of a video, wait, watch 3 seconds of a video, wait, watch 3 seconds of a video, wait, watch 3 seconds of a video, wait, watch 3 seconds of a video, wait, watch 3 seconds of a video, wait, watch 3 seconds of a video, wait, watch 3 seconds of a video, wait, watch 3 seconds of a video, wait, watch 3 seconds of a ...more

It takes forever to run a video. I have lost my patience numerous times. You Tube/Google sucks.

This is extremely annoying when you want to watch a video and it buffers. I hate it. ~ Userguy44

I was happy but then YouTube had an update and now the videos can't load anymore

4 No More Originality

YouTube used to be a completely original place to go on, and it was the best as well, but now it's gone.

No more originality (other than those memory videos from you know who) and that's a major reason why YouTube sucks now.

When you went on YouTube back in the past, you were spellbound by all the awesomeness and especially originality it had.

There were videos of people doing original things, think about Numa Numa, Charlie Bit My Finger, Chocolate Rain, The Sneezing Panda, Star Wars Kid, Dramatic Chipmunk, and don't forget Fred.

But if you go on now, and ever since 2014, you are looking at nothing but pure lack of originality and those people are making videos about almost nothing but unoriginal and even gross stuff and showing off their parts to get more views and make more money, yet doing any sexual stuff for money is prostitution and that's illegal, those people are going to get sued one day, maybe sooner than we think/know.

And there are people ...more - nelsonerica

In 2005 up until maybe 2010-2011, YouTube was a social network site where you could broadcast yourself and watch original videos like Charlie Bit My Finger, Chocolate Rain, Urban Ninja, Evolution of Dance, Smosh (when they were good, and Nigahiga (when he was good).

Now YouTube's basically a low-quality streaming service filled with ads and low-quality YouTubers who make the same reviews, bad gaming videos, and stuff just to make money. It's a shame that YouTube went from an original social network of fun videos to a safe haven for the richest 1%. - shadomatrix

No I do not want I love you barney demo
I don't want diego livestream
what tickle me elmo commercial
dora the explorer save the day dvd opening

There is an underrated channel about Windows that made fun videos and planned them for release (he told me.) But, he also told me his videos were copied. Now he says that his “console startups” video got ripped off for a special final of 2010s special. Also he told me he bought Adobe Premiere Pro, and that other YouTuber was using Premiere Pro as of January 13. MAN! When will they make original videos?!

5 Good Videos Get Removed While Bad Videos Don't

YouTube used to keep good videos, but now, since its evolution and that of its people, YouTube won't keep many of the good videos anymore, they delete them soon after they're uploaded, while the bad ones, on the other hand, stay for as long as possible.

YouTube sucks man.

Here's an example:
Mumkey Jones making a satirical video about Elliot Rodger = Banned
People making Family Guy compilations = Still up - SamHalls2015

A channel got terminated for killing a feminist in READ DEAD REDEMPTION 2! A VIDEO GAME! And Logan Paul's channel is still up after he showed a real dead body. - B1ueNew

An example:

Etika's apology video = gets banned

ImJayStation "doing" the Ouija Board on him and saying depression is fake = still up - MasterHand

6 No More Entertainment

There are some channels that I think are still entertaining, but with most of them, video after video is them jumping on a stupid trend like the 3 AM Challenge. - 3DG20

YouTube was once entertaining to go on, but then very recently, it has started to change like nothing else.

Many users have either gone crazy or YouTube gained crazy users, they aren't even funny at all, they just do stupid and random things that rely too much on shock value and junk, like worse than vomit.

They just want to discuss the worst parts of their personal lives to others, and yet the people also use bad words and talk too much about certain things, like when was the last time someone lost his/her virginity? It's just stupid that people on YouTube these days are especially taking it the wrong way.
And not only that, they do that stuff because they're too desperate for money and yet since YouTube has paid them to do things, they're especially nowadays going way too overboard on it.

Yet even the best YouTube channels are either gone or messed up by idiots, again, because of money.

Now we don't have anything entertaining nor original on YouTube ...more - nelsonerica

This isn't Youtube faults, blame the content creators and the viewer base, as content creators make content that the viewers want. - UnofficialBlaine

Very true, it was once great, but took the DeviantArt path and became a horrible site.
People are fighting and making some of the worst videos about some of the worst parts about their personal lives and letting others invade their privacy.
And the reactions don't make any sense and the anime fans are just going out of control.
It used to be great, but now it sucks.

7 Disgusting Jokes

YouTube used to have awesome and funny jokes that made us laugh, now it has nothing but disgusting jokes from people who have no life or talent, and they like to joke about gross foods as well as poop and their own body parts.

It's just so awful that people are doing that stuff for fame and money, yet they don't even care about their fans and they want to do everything negative they can to get as much as they want.

YouTube sucks now. - nelsonerica

Also the reaction channel's are so bad I can't believe people actually call that talent and call themeselfs You tubing people. Silly as jokes is annoying and doing anything to get attention I miss eating people making stories.

8 Clickbait

One of my biggest pet peeves. I'm sick of seeing video thumbnails with exposed body parts (yes if you use the view source feature and search for og:image youll see the full size image) flung all over YouTube. There are so many videos with this that I am sure children are seeing because I don't sign into YouTube. Thus proving that there is no maturity filter present. Thanks click bait... Because idiots click that crap in the hopes of actually seeing what is depicted in the picture more and more crapbait exists.

Clickbait basically runs the site now. Every "popular" video uses it to draw in viewers who then point out that it's a clickbait video and yet Youtube themselves continues to promotes this junk.

Clickbait is all over the Internet now!

Love how all videos have titles that are in caps for no reason along with a red circle with a red arrow pointing at it. Just awesome. - ClicheUsername69

And they circle things that aren't even there. Like they'll circle at a random place on screen even though it's nothing really there - Frodomar49

9 Doesn't Care About Smaller Channels


I used to have a YouTube channel where I'd upload memes and make videos about games and computers, as well as animations and logos for other users. Around August of 2017, I decided to stop making offensive memes and start focusing on more serious content due to backlash from viewers on the latest of these memes.

The same day, I had received my first Guidelines strike for an Emoji Movie 9/11 meme that had garnered about 15, 000 views and tons of negative comments, then another one the next day for another 9/11 meme, which was a Neon Evangelion opening parody. My ability to upload was taken for two weeks, so I tried to alert the fans through the comments section about what was going on. I also set every video I made tagged "9/11" private so no one could flag them, and made a backup account on Vidme in case my YT channel was taken down. Eventually, the worst that could happen did, and on August 12, my channel was terminated and my Google account was disabled. The ...more - SGWaS

While this may be somewhat true, the viewers are the ones that bring Smaller Channels to light.

If you make content, you are most likely not gonna make it, unless you have a loyal viewer base.

The algorithm will recommend your content if it applies to a demographic. - UnofficialBlaine

I'm small and I've been barely promoted and have not even been notifying my own subscribers

As a small channel I have to agree with that one. Youtube does nothing to help small channels to gain some exposure out there.

10 Google+ Bought It

YouTube was so good back then, but one of the things that ruined it was that Google+ bought it.

Ever since Google+ bought it, people had to sign in to Google+ to watch videos or even post comments.

YouTube lost its free magic, but at least that's over. - nelsonerica

Apparently in a few days or months, Google + is going to die out. - Gehenna

Technically Google itself as a company bought YouTube, but I get what you mean. Google+ did not help YouTube at all.

Google and YouTube sensor anything that doesn't agree with their agenda.

The Contenders

11 Kids Cartoons

They ruined YouTube for me. I swear they are everywhere and no matter how many times I click not interested they still won't go away. Just go into incognito mode and look at your recommended and you'll see what I mean

How to make a YT "kids cartoon
1. Put on either Disney princesses and Spider-Man for seemingly no reason or creepy babies with eyes that almost never blink.
2. Throw in a nursery rhyme that teaches lying to children (Johnny Johnny) or a song that has overstayed its welcome 2 months ago (baby shark)
3. Make sure your animation is so bad, it gives "Ratatoing" a run for it's money.
4. Throw in at least five stupid "trends" such as fidget spinners or the ice bucket challenge. Congrats! You have made a video that nobody over the age of 2 can't figure out the purpose of its existence!

Scary "kids" videos on YT Kids. Videos that show popular kids characters doing things like sticking metal in a socket, harming themselves, and a lot of creepy things that kids couldn't see. - mandee

Johnny Johnny - AwesomeJawson

12 Extremely Repetitive Content

Accidentally click on the video right next to the one you really want to see and when you click dislike because it was a bad video. Next thing you know it's 6 months of nonstop recommendations of the same type of content. Never mind that you even tell YouTube you're not interested in it by clicking on the little not interested button and they don't even listen to it.

I forgot to tell you guys about the other repeated joke for today (Sep/25/2019) that is the Super Mario World 2 Yoshi's Island Overworld theme

YouTube sucks now.

Well, back then until...2011 I'ma say, YouTube was just so you could upload short little videos. Watch the first few videos ever uploaded and compare it to all the trending channels. You'll see how some YouTubers have lost their sense of creativity.

13 Cringe Compilations

Why would you want to watch a bunch of videos that are all either disturbing to watch or just complete cancer? - 3DG20

Cringe comps aren't that bad
i tried to make 3 cringe comp videos and they got lots of views within a few weeks... - XtheXlmao

It doesn't even help the kids who are called "Cringy" with their videos. It just shames and bullies innocent kids instead of giving them helpful feedback and constructive criticism. And the video's aren't even cringeworthy. I wish these videos were replaced with giving beginners advice.

These "challenges" and "compilations" should not even be a thing... - GehennaTheSecond

14 8-year-Olds are Having YouTube Accounts

I agree. Little kids aren't being banned for being under 13 when they should be banned.

I think 11-12 is close enough for YouTube.. if they have common sense, but 10 or under, probably not.

The rule says you have to be 13 to join the site though, and 99% of the 11-12 year olds I've seen on YouTube has no common sense whatsoever lol so good luck with that. - 3DG20

I don't think 8 year olds should have youtube because they might use their parents number and when that person gets money off youtube they will ring the kids parents

All they do is curse with emojis, spell things horribly wrong, use all those "cool" trends, and act like they're fans of someone when really they're stupid little kids who want to be those douches on the internet. Who even buys them all this equipment?

15 Retro Hipster Kids That Think They're The Best Because They Like Pop Culture From the 1950's, 1960's, And 1970's While Their Peers Don't

Why isn't this number 1? I hate it in the comments when old people are like "Our generation was better! " Then cherry-pick information about what kids today do. I'm a kid and I don't go drinking and twerking at parties. I bet 99.9% of what they think about kids is what they see on those "shocking" news channels where the kid(s) get kidnapped by a pedo for posting some nudes on Instagram or whatever. And then those, "Kids these days lie, cheat, and steal." Like yeah, you've never lied to your mom to get a candy bar, never looked over someone's shoulder on a test, never took something without asking in your ENTIRE LIFE.
It's even more annoying when teenagers try to copy those old people by trying to be "edgy" by hating on popular things for no reason. Just because someone shakes their butt ONCE then they hate the song/video and then they try to say that ALL videos are like that. There WERE songs and video like that back in the "good old days" except they were mostly hidden due to ...more

Honestly, I'm a kid that loves many things from before I was born, but I don't think that makes me superior to other people my age.

Acid Attack everyone that hates One Direction, and the haters deserve it.

Welp, we're going to see a lot of that when the 2010s are over. Get ready. AND CALM DOWN TOO! It's all the modern artists' fault for making so many retro people. if you want less of those people, THEN MAKE THE MUSIC INDUSTRY HAVE BETTER SPACE! - LightningStrike

16 Game Theorist Fans

What does this even mean

Not the biggest thing but god will they ever shut up about disproved "theories? " Do they even know what theory means?

To all matpat fans, shut up! You keep getting pissed off when we disprove a theory, you keep spamming "Mario is mental, matpat is right! ", and finally, you spawned one of the worst fandoms in 2017. Hopefully you know what it is (It's not really Cuphead. Someone else caused the fandom to become rabbid).

Game Theroy is awful, and his fan base is full of rabbid six year olds. - DatBoiOnTheRun

He's not awful, he is a theorist, not someone who states facts. His haters need to understand that. - Solacress

17 Advertisement Friendly Guidelines

I hope the AVGN doesn't fall into this catogorey. Also this rule is deathly stupid!

It sucks!

18 Bad Video System/Quality Controls

Old YouTube, you click the quality you want, you play it, and you can skip back forward with minimal buffering. Current YouTube, you click the quality you want, click play,wait 20 minutes to buffer, hope that your quality doesn't drop to 144p, and maybe, if you're lucky after 5 refreshes, your video plays.

19 People are Greedy

Yeah, it's true, sometimes the only reason make more videos on YouTube is to get the money they provide when they get verified. Like Pewdiepie, I have no idea why he is popular, but he just screams, cusses, and plays games to make them popular. That's all he does, it takes no effort what-so-ever to do that. So this what's popular today? Well, I'm not shocked since VINE is popular. - PinataonSugar

That's exactly what YouTube's about theses days, people are so greedy that they just want to do whatever they can to make money, like take pictures of their bodies and/or talk about sexual related stuff/jokes and even swear and play with/eat poop or vomit.

It's just horrible that people choose to do that stuff because they want money so bad and they're trying so hard to make money, and while YouTube pays them, they're going too far. - nelsonerica

Most them ask for likes, comments, and subscribers who turn the post notification on. - MrCoolC

The people only care about money!

20 Bullying Comments

YouTube is also known as "one of the worst places on the internet." Bullying is the main reason behind it. YouTubers nowadays are so arrogant and full of themselves. That mostly applies to anime reviewers. - ToukaKirishima

When you see a video, you comment on it, but then not long afterwards, there were people posting mean comments about the videos and other people, some even said they want to f others off or even kill them.

Many even made fun of other people and/or their bodies/body parts and used the wrong words.
And some even said "kill it with fire" and that isn't even the worst, the worst is "if you don't like them, don't watch them", it's so mean because they're telling the others to go away/to h just because they don't like the videos/people.

Opinions exist, but mean comments are unnecessary and only hurt other people's feelings, and can even cause fights, which would ruin their lives, yet that's bullying and that's one of the worst things in the world.

It's one of the main things that ruined YouTube. - nelsonerica

I said 0w0 to reply to someone and two people began crap-talking me for that, and one of them is a user on here who told me everyone on this site hates me. - IceFoxPlayz

Does anyone agree with me that Anime America Podcast should have its channel deleted by YouTube? Bullies like them shouldn't be allowed to make videos on YouTube if they can't respect people's opinions. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

21 No More Creativity

YouTube used to be so creative back then, there were cool videos, some were funny, some even helped you learn things.

But sadly, this isn't the case with YouTube nowadays, the videos you're seeing now are nothing but a bunch of crap done for nothing but attention and views, those people don't even know how to make good videos or be creative, even the DIY projects aren't creative, they're more like poop builds rather than actual DIY projects, the results are garbage.

Nobody is good at them anymore, and I agree with that guy who brought our "favorite character" back for a sequel, but still, we've lost the wide range of creativity we used to have on YouTube.

Of course I don't want to annoy you, but much of this comment is true, YouTube was good back then, but it isn't good anymore, and not to have one person in the way, but the point is that YouTube isn't even good anymore because all the people who used to make entertaining videos are now making stupid garbage videos that negatively influence others including me. - nelsonerica

Yup, true. Now youtube is filled with talking, vlogging, and the same repeated content like bottle flip challenges and we see a lot of bottle flip challenges and the same game people are playing! And videos these days are sharing their personal lives about their boyfriend, girlfriend, and others. The videos these days are mostly people talking

Nigahiga is still active and creative

Everyone just wants money, they follow what is popular.

22 Bad Layout

They should not force users to do what they want! When they just introduce a new layout, there would be a button to switch back to the previous layout if you wanted. When all of a sudden, they desisted to remove that option, and make it so everyone is forced to use it! This even applies to your channel layout as well! When they bring in a new channel layout, there would be an option to try it out or even switch back. Which again, they forcefully switch everyone's channel layout without their user's consent!

Google is probably one of the most selfish tech companies when it comes to their frequent UI updates. They just don't like it when people have their preference for which UI they could use, forcing them to go their way!

I think the last, and I mean very last GOOD layout was from 2012. - GehennaTheSecond

The YouTube layout USED to be a great, fresh-looking style until YouTube ruined it.

It's so plain and boring. - wrests

23 The FRED Channel Got Sold

Believe it, the greatest YouTube channel of all time, FRED, has been sold by the person who created it, Lucas Cruikshank, because he wanted money, and he spent that money on a dumb useless vehicle.

And the people he sold it to have left 10 months ago, so therefore nobody's running it anymore.

It's the most horrible thing ever to happen to YouTube, You guys hated Fred so much because his voice was so annoying? He was supposed to be annoying, that was the thing about it, and he was creative, his story lines and characters were complete originality, and YouTube is garbage without Fred.

The Sneezing Panda, Charlie Bit My Finger, Numa Numa, Chocolate Rain and others were great, but Fred has influenced YouTube in ways that nothing else will ever do.
There will never EVER be a worse or sadder moment than this on YouTube, this has hit every record of it.

At least he made a few new Fred videos on his barely popular vlog channel to bring memories to his current ...more - nelsonerica

I TOTALLY agree with this, Nelsonerica was SO right, Fred was so annoying, but he was original, his lines were original, and especially his catchphrase "HEY IT'S FRED! ".
He sold his FRED Channel because he wanted money, he was going to Korea to save Fred from that new idiot as a way to bring Fred back, but instead afterwards, he just sold his channel to make more money, and he wasted it on some dumb car.

by the way, I saw that new Fred video, and I trust you, he admitted it at the same time and brought Fred back, and it was 2 days after Christmas in 2015, he did it.

Selling the FRED channel was the worst thing that has ever happened to and on YouTube.

Fred is cancer anyway. It's just some little kid screaming at a camera and then speeding it up. Literally anyone can do that. There's nothing “legendary” about it at all. - 3DG20

How is this a bad thing? This channel was a pure cancer. - Votebotingsucks

How is it cancer? Calling something like that "Cancer" is just rude - GehennaTheSecond

24 Flawed Algorithm

The YouTube algorithm is no friend to the content creator(s) or viewer(s). It buries individuals who put time and dedication into making videos and rewards those who post long (10+ minute videos) 1-2 times per day. This not only discourages a vast majority of people who do not know about the flawed algorithm but also hides great content from most people, recommending the videos and channels with the most watchtime. Watchtime is the average amount of time users watch a video before clicking away. The longer a video is, the more likely someone is to stay. Also, a video that spans he length of ten minutes can have up to FOUR advertisements, whereas videos under ten, can contain only one ad.

Not everyone wants the same type of videos recommended to them all of the time, it gets boring. - mandee

It's become so flawed that it seems only beneficial to the Paul brothers. Even PewDiePie is getting affected by this.

The worst algorithm I have ever seen. As simple as that. Million + lines of un-useful.

25 No More Funny Videos

YouTube used to be very funny to go on, now it's not anymore.

The funny videos are gone, people don't make them anymore, they got too focused on money and sex that they want to make some of the stupidest videos around.

YouTube is dead. - nelsonerica

The only funny person on YouTube is RossCreations/VlogCreations. - mandee

Fun and funny died with the communism and algorithm

THERE IS FUNNY VIDEOS there is guy call explodingTNT and he do funny minecraft videos lol

26 Trolls Everywhere

The problem of the system of YouTube which is full of mutants. It's like Stalker Zone. - Rawflesh0615

Mainly Bronies and Over Obsesses Idiots

YouTube? More like TrollTube. - GehennaTheSecond

27 YouTube Heroes

There are no heroes in YouTube just bunch of paid wannabe jerks. - Rawflesh0615

Youtube should know by now that there are a bunch of knuckleheads on it's sites and will only use this to screw every single youtuber over. What is wrong with you, Youtube? - UltraGamer

Worst crap ever

I'd never make this if I owned YouTube or Google - BorisRule

28 The Fake Dislike Button on Comments

The one that's right next to the THUMBS-UP button on someone's comment. They're making us think the opinion counts but they don't actually show how many dislikes a comment has...

When was the last time that dislike button worked? What's the point of having it when you can't use it? Should be a simple fix too. But they are "busy". - ClicheUsername69

It should subtract the number of likes it has...I'd like to see comments with - 596 likes - JustAnAccount

More likes than dislikes which makes people confused which comment is right or wrong. - Rawflesh0615

29 Minecraft YouTubers

Now don't get me wrong, I do enjoy YouTubers such as AntVenom, Mumbo Jumbo and Yogscast. It seems that many Minecraft YouTubers nowadays seem to rely on uploading mediocre Minecraft videos for ad revenue. - SamHalls2015

It's their audience that's annoying - JustAnAccount

I love minecraft. LOL!

Yep. Now don't get me the 'Hi guys! I'm a 6 year old Minecraft player that likes to annoy my older sibling. Yaaay.' Shut up kid!

30 YouTube Red

Basically a way for YouTube to make even more money while providing nothing extra. - MChkflaguard_Yt

The home to the worst movie series of all time:The Thinning Series which consists of 2 movies and maybe even a third one in development.

It is a rip off and a way of getting money. You get no ads and extra videos, it is injustice just like how the world is now, Africa starving while celebrities are getting loads of money from showing a nipple in a scene of a 2 second movie. Well done

Honestly...who's ever gonna buy this? - ClicheUsername69

31 Demonetization

How is this not in the top three? I notice people are getting demonetized for really stupid reasons. There are some that happened for no reason. I wish it never existed.

Well then maybe don't revolve your life around sitting on your ass all day making gaming videos for YouTube as your “job” and this wouldn't be a problem. YouTube was never supposed to be a job, and I'm getting sick of people treating it like it is. - 3DG20

His video's actually aren't kid friendly.

Why isn't this higher? Some Youtubers are starting to cater to 8 year olds so they don't lose money from swearing. - aieesa

32 Account Termination for No Apparent Reason

When I said that PETA is the most hypocritical company, YouTube actually isn't that far behind. They terminated Mumkey Jones just for making a satirical video about Elliot Rodger, yet both Logan Paul and Peluchin Entertainment only got a slap on the wrist for severely violating the Terms of Service. Logan Paul laughed at a man who committed suicide at the suicide forest, while Peluchin Entertainment brutally beat his pet cat to death. And no, the number of subscribers is not an excuse since Mumkey Jones had more subscribers prior to his termination than Peluchin Entertainment has today. - SamHalls2015

My son is now going through this. Unable to communicate with anyone from YouTube to discuss the issue. Seems YouTube is untouchable.

Yes I know! I appealed many times but it takes long time for them to reply!

33 No More Entertaining Background Music

Remember when YouTube used to have videos with background music that sounded funny and entertaining?
Sometimes you even hear that music in kids comedy T.V. shows.

Now we barely have any of that, where did it all go? the music on the videos we watch today sounds pointless.

Who would want to listen to music like Jenna Marbles's "Fireside"? It sounds erotic, it's an example.

Which shows you that YouTube's quality is totally deteriorating and losing originality, same thing with its background stock music. - nelsonerica

Everyone uses the same music nowadays. Probably afraid of copyright - JustAnAccount

34 Too Many Gay Youtubers

Really tired of having it shoved down my throat at every turn.

A Reply For The Previous Person Who Commented This Part:
I'm disapoint in you(the previous person). I understand why you think that way(because I'm a christian same as you). But you shouldn't say such hurtful words. Besides, the bible also tell us to love our enemies.

I know being gay is a sin but it's not their fault. They were born to be like this.

Thus, as a christian, we should try our best to accept them for who they are and treat them as a normal person like other people.

This gay stuff needs to die fast, it's a sin from a bible, and if it don't stop this, this world is going to be noting but bunch of freakshow boy wearing makeup in dresses while girls wear men clothes in cut there own hair short, its not good at all, why that gay thing even exist.

I'd be ashamed of you, isn't Christianity teaching about loving your enemies and believing in Jesus? - BorisRule

That's a little homophobic

35 Who's Watching This in (Year) Comments

I asked a person to please stop with that comment and they said no - Gehenna

Because we want nostalgia back that is way they say that it’s fine - Ar0nT0pTeNz05

Me:On YouTube watching smosh food battle 2010 in 2018

Me:Going through comments

Me:Who wow this guy post a comments saying 2018 Anybody

Ghalia14:2018 Anybody?

No one cares what year you’re watching it. Just watch the damn video! - 3DG20

36 Drama Everywhere

No wonder YouTube has gained so much drama lately these days, people are fighting and making stupid videos and comments, it's just like DeviantArt, that site was once good, but then people started fighting and drawing some of the most disgusting pictures in the world.

The only YouTube drama that was good was Angry Video Game Nerd vs Nostalgia Critic... - GehennaTheSecond

More good videos, less crap talking. Causing drama attracts the audience attention by cliffhangers, it will force the audience to wait for the next video and watch it. This is 95% of the to fake and if it isn't it will influence the people watching it and they will cause drama in real life. Trump won and look at the protestors, all stupid kids that watch YouTube everyday.

37 Small youtubers get terminated while big youtubers don’t

I noticed that Pewdiepie or any youtubers like that never get terminated.
When big channels get terminated for a reason, youtube brings them back in just DAYS!
But when I got terminated, it took them 4 MONTHS to reply to my appeal and they decided to keep me suspended. - Ghalia14

Whether they're big or small channels doesn't mean anything. What should matter is if they're like DaddyOFive where they abuse their kids for views. Thankfully though, that channel already got terminated over a year ago. - 3DG20

Same here, my dreams got ruined from this. Now I'm worthless

Youtube is communism and pedophillic

38 COPPA update

Now I can't comment on SpongeBob and Adventure Time videos. Thank God Toonami isn't affected by this update. It's too good. - YuukitheGeek

I want to write something here but a letter of approximately 5 pages is more appropriate

COPPA sucks. What’s the reason for making YouTube Kids if you’re gonna make the original adult one for kids?

my channel died because of coppa

39 People Who Pretend to Be Big YouTubers

The worst of this is those 9-year-olds who speak with terrible fake accents.

"SQUEAK SQUEAK" YouTube site is depending on those bad guys out there.

I despise these people the most. They start putting "hip" intros or selling merch or whatever popular people used to do. I have cringey kids from my school who vlog about their daily lives. They think their lives are so interesting and people are "intrigued" by their humor and all that. It needs to stop

Little kid: What’s going on guys? (Insert cringey name) here, and before I do, basically the same thing almost every other YouTuber does now, I will put links in the description to where you can get my merch!

No one even knows who you are... - 3DG20

40 Too Many SJWs

This should be saved for Sony. - GehennaTheSecond

I agree to many communist cry babies on there.

Bunch of weak-minded people who have smaller knowledge. - Rawflesh0615


41 Deletes Subscribers Frequently

Every day, they delete "inactive subs"

I actually like and dislike that YouTube does this. I like this because if I understand this correctly, they do it to remove all of the inactive subscribers who are too dumb to even support your videos (Not leave likes, not comment, etc). Like what’s the point of even subscribing to someone yet you’re not even going to support them. I dislike this because this can also piss off a lot of creators who reached a certain amount of subscribers and become stressful. This can piss off the creator even more if this keeps happening more often.

42 Gaming channels

I'm sorry. This should be "overflow of crappy gamer kids who can't shut up about fortnite" - MChkflaguard_Yt

Why is this on the ;list gaming is techinacally is everywhere so screw this crap list why am I even reading more

Can these lifeless people start doing something else that is more meaningful? Not even 1 hour music videos are that bad! - MChkflaguard_Yt

Gaming is a job not everyone in the world has to work for someone - XxwileyxX38

I think these are pointless! Most of them are minecrafters who won't stop complaining about who's more "mlg"!

43 Susan Wojcicki

She is the reason why YouTube became a sewer of terrible things? - GehennaTheSecond

I hope this lady will get backfire from what she done, and same as CEO of Google. They both will get fired by flames and gases. - Rawflesh0615

She has made YouTube much worse than it already is.

I hope a raptors will eat her. - Rawflesh0615

44 No More Channel Customization

YouTube used to allow people to customize their channels, but that can't happen anymore, YouTube has changed so much lately, it sucks. - nelsonerica

YouTube was suppose to be all about creativity and expression.

YouTube channels used to look so good, then google ruined it. - shadomatrix

YT channels now look... so plain. Nothing stands out. - wrests

45 Search/Recommendations

I've searched for videos I KNOW exist, but couldn't get a result because of the dreadful search algorithm. And the recommended videos have little to do with the bulk of videos I actually watch.

I wish youtube added the disable recommendations button. - SlavicViking

When I watch a certain video.. Youtube used to recommend other videos related to the video I just watched. And it was GREAT. But no more. Now its like No matter what I watch.. I get all the same recomms I've been having for the last few months. And that is DULL.

How many letters must I fill in before it realizes “there’s” instead of “t-t- love me good”

46 Elsagate Videos

Most of these are combinations of cringe and violence and X-rated content. Just screw these videos. - MChkflaguard_Yt

No... just no.

47 The Dislike Button

I actually found the dislike button useful. - wrests

Youtube sucks cause of disike buttons but dislike buttons used to be good sometimes to TAKE DOWN THE BAD VIDEOS

I want the Star rating back. - GehennaTheSecond

48 Haters Are Everywhere

Well the haters can be everywhere on the internet, and even in real life too. - dave1234

To much suffering. - Rawflesh0615


No one:
hater: your NOOB - XtheXlmao

49 Non-English YouTubers

That's not true. I dare Youtube to band all non-english youtubers for a month. Youtube definitely will not survive. - JJ0571

I'm still going to follow my dream of being a youtuber despite being a Chinese. - JJ0571

This one is racist - MChkflaguard_Yt

Sick of these non English content creators creeping up on YouTube.. If your in the US, You should be required to speak English on our technology here.

50 No Video Censor

The only reason Weird Part of Youtube exists. It's gross. - MChkflaguard_Yt

I hate this reasoning

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