Top Ten Ways YouTube Sucks Now


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41 Cringe Compilations

These Are Seriously Cyber Bullying

42 People Mass Flagging Videos and YouTube Not Giving a Damn

Kinda True.

43 Account Termination for No Apparent Reason
44 Full Episode Quality Deteriorating
45 No More Entertaining Background Music

Remember when YouTube used to have videos with background music that sounded funny and entertaining?
Sometimes you even hear that music in kids comedy T.V. shows.

Now we barely have any of that, where did it all go? the music on the videos we watch today sounds pointless.

Who would want to listen to music like Jenna Marbles's "Fireside"? It sounds erotic, it's an example.

Which shows you that YouTube's quality is totally deteriorating and losing originality, same thing with its background stock music. - nelsonerica

46 No More Creativity

YouTube used to be so creative back then, there were cool videos, some were funny, some even helped you learn things.

But sadly, this isn't the case with YouTube nowadays, the videos you're seeing now are nothing but a bunch of crap done for nothing but attention and views, those people don't even know how to make good videos or be creative, even the DIY projects aren't creative, they're more like poop builds rather than actual DIY projects, the results are garbage.

Nobody is good at them anymore, and I agree with that guy who brought our "favorite character" back for a sequel, but still, we've lost the wide range of creativity we used to have on YouTube.

Of course I don't want to annoy you, but much of this comment is true, YouTube was good back then, but it isn't good anymore, and not to have one person in the way, but the point is that YouTube isn't even good anymore because all the people who used to make entertaining videos are now making stupid garbage videos that negatively influence others including me. - nelsonerica

47 No More Channel Customization

YouTube used to allow people to customize their channels, but that can't happen anymore, YouTube has changed so much lately, it sucks. - nelsonerica

YT channels now look... so plain. Nothing stands out. - wrests

Now when you go to view a channel, it looks just...bland... - TheAwesomeBrosVotes

48 YouTubers Want To Do Whatever They Want

YouTubers used to do what their fans wanted, but now they only want to do whatever they want, so they can have things their own way, they don't even respect their fans and they are heartless now. - nelsonerica

I think only 40% or 50% or maybe 60% of them doing this but they should do rules in youtube

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49 Inappropriate Videos Don't Get Flagged

This is a big problem with YouTube, YouTubers are uploading inappropriate videos, and they don't even get flagged, yet they should get flagged, but they don't, yet it takes 200 people to flag a single video, that's just too ridiculous, it should take one or two people to flag a video, not 200, yet since Sam Pepper's Sexual Harassment and Killing Best Friend Prank video, YouTube initially refused to flag those videos, they were horrible, it's no wonder that YouTube has gone down rock bottom. - nelsonerica


50 Plagiarism

YouTube used to have original videos.
Now, it has videos where people are being exactly like each other, they can't be like their own selves, they want to steal other people's work, it's plagiarism, it's a big problem with YouTube, and people need to learn.

51 Deletes Subscribers Frequently

Every day, they delete "inactive subs"

52 No more star ratings

I loved the star ratings, especially learning what each star meant - wrests

Why can't there be star ratings anymore? I loved giving ol' mike mozart a golden ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
And furbyhaters a golden " "
And now... Furbyhaters get ONE 👎🏼 and mike mozart gets a 👍🏼? WHY?!?

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