Top Ten Weakest Enemies of Godzilla

The Top Ten

1 The Giant Condor

How is this guy number 10 he's just an annoyance to godzilla!

The weakest enemy is this guy. Should've been number one. - asantalo

Hejust a thing didn't even touch him kamucaras at least put up a fight and touch him.

2 Kamacuras

A very weak insect!

3 Kumonga
4 Ebirah

Guys, I don’t understand why people are complaining about him being on the list. HE’S A LOBSTER FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! I mean come on. Plus he’s just an annoyance to not only Godzilla, but to me also. - asantalo

5 Zilla


Zilla: WII -Leaps at godzilla-

-Godzilla thwaps him into the sydney opera and vaporizes him instantly-

6 Gabara

He always sucks - asantalo

7 Giant Octopus
8 Megaguirus Megaguirus
9 King Kong

King Kong is a APE. Godzilla is a fire breathing dinosaur. Both can absorb electricity. But Godzilla is a more experienced fighter and his Atomic Breath is empowered if he absorbs lightning. Godzilla wins.

Actually he did beat Godzilla he did put up a fight - SOUTHPARKFANHH

10 Cyber-Zilla

The Contenders

11 Hedorah Hedorah
12 Mothra Mothra

You guys are retards. Mothra is not that weak. She's tougher than some other monsters.

Absolute bottom of the barrel.

You guys are retards! Mothra fought Godzilla well. She can kick many monsters like Kamacarus, Kumonga, Gabara, Zilla, Ebirah, Megaguirus, and even the stupid Condor.

She’s not even that weak. She did put up a fight. Well thank god she’s not number 1. Because there are way more monsters that are weaker than her. - asantalo

13 Battra Battra
14 Minilla

Minilla didn't even fight Godzilla!

15 Gigan Gigan

He nearly killed Godzilla in his debut. But Final Wars made him awesome but weaker than the Showa.

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