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141 Blazekin

Do you know who the hell blaziken is it can leap 30 storey building at once and its sky uppercut and blaze kick are much powerful moves

Who put in blazekin in here?!

U can't even spell Blaziken properly - PokemonGOSucks


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Seriously, Regigigas, Rayquaza, Arceus, Giratina, Palkia, Dialga, Mew Ho-Oh. I'm surprised Mewtwo isn't on this list. I defeated a level 87 Mew with only one level 79 Ho-Oh

I beat Red with only Ho-Oh and an hm slave

This should be like 10 lower, it took me 1 try to catch it.

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143 Weezing Weezing

It can be defeated very easily

144 Kimeramon V 4 Comments
145 Tynamo V 2 Comments
146 Shinx Shinx

It is bad.

It is bad

147 Clefairy Clefairy

This pokemon is a boss it trashed a level 97 dragonite

148 Yungoos Yungoos
149 Inkay Inkay
150 Emolga Emolga

Who added cute beast flying squirrel here, you're noob

Zapdos minus a million laugh out loud

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151 Cleffa Cleffa

Shes cute but not very strong.

If you use no TMs, this "Pokémon" learns only 2 attack moves. Stats are very low, the total is 218. Clefairy and Clefable are weak too.

152 Wingull Wingull V 1 Comment
153 Sudowoodo Sudowoodo
154 Magnemite Magnemite V 2 Comments
155 Starmie Starmie

Starmie isn't awesome but not this bad

156 Chikorita Chikorita

It's not good for any gyms at all.

It sucks - PokemonGOSucks

157 Cloyster Cloyster

It can barely beat psyduck and his moves suck

158 Deoxys Deoxys

Why deoxys he is on the top best pokemon and he is awesome

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159 Roggenrola Roggenrola
160 Ledian Ledian
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