Best Weapon Attachments In Call of Duty: Black Ops


The Top Ten

1 Red Dot

This technically is the Reflex Sight.😒

2 Rapid Fire

this is one of the only attachments that does any thing. flamethrower has no range, the grenade launceher bareley explodes plus you can't use any other attachments with either of the two. every one needs to use extended mags because a regular mag will maybe kill one person. any sniper attachment is pointless because the snipers suck. you can't use grenades because treyarch didn't want random grenades so they just cut the range you can use it in half.

It sucks. It increases recoil and does nothing else.

Rapid fire is ligit its wayy easyer to kill with. even better the bullets go way faster.

3 Grip
4 Extended Mag

The best attachment choice being the only one to give a ballanced increase to versatillity. Rapid fire increases recoil, the grenade launcher is seriously sad and the flamethrower usless and both are easily counterable due to flak jacket pro. The scopes are the worst since the are purley cosmetic and offer no real benefit over a better view on target. The ACOG's even worse actually increasing recoil and decreasing center speed. Only sensible attachment in my opinion. Only grip can compete with it but in the end I would favour Ext. mags.

5 Silencer Silencer

The cons about the silencer can reduce your range and damage

this attachment is awesome but the best part of it is it makes your gun sound cool - proxYgen

its that weird superscecor thing that also makes your gun sound cooler - dylan1321721

Who needs ghost anyways

6 Duel Mag

They give you more ammo if you choose this attachment.

7 Variable Zoom Scope
8 ACOG Scope
9 Flamethrower
10 Grenade Launcher

The Contenders

11 Thermal Scope

Best thing ever for snipers or campers

12 Reflex Sight
13 Masterkey

I have yet to see the masterkey used in combat, but this is great compared to the flamethrower or grenade launcher because it gives you 16 rounds compared to the others' 2. Of course its quite ugly on most guns, but it's the most useful underbarrel available.

14 Holographic Sight
15 Adjustable Stock
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