Best Weapon Types from Crypt of the Necrodancer

I love how each weapon in the game has it's own particular use. This will list the best of these weapons, whether it's for fun or just because it's genuinely good. It won't include specialized daggers or unique weapons such as the golden lute, flower, or blunderbuss.

The Top Ten

1 Cutlass

Best kind of weapon in the game, no doubt. The increased range combined with the parry mechanic makes it nearly unbeatable - kempokid

2 Warhammer

If you can get the piercing ring or stack damage items, running around with a high damage warhammer is completely broken.

The range is unbeatable, the wide arc allowing you to hit 6 tiles at once is great. - kempokid

3 Bow

A formidable weapon with a 3 block direct range. I love it as it allows you to be in near constant safety. - kempokid

4 Longsword

The range of it allows you to consistently attack from a safe distance. The fact that you can attack 2 enemies at once is also really nice. - kempokid

5 Rapier

I love this weapon because of the obscene damage you can do, as your lunge attack will deal double damage, meaning that you can one shot anything in the game if you have both a glass rapier and something that provides 1 extra attack - kempokid

6 Cat of Nine Tails

While the range is quite short, it allows you to move past an enemy and sstill hit it, making it good even if you're trying to retreat - kempokid

7 Crossbow

Despite the fact that the crossbow has really long range and piercing damage, I find the fact that you have to reload after every 3 bolts to be a major drawback, as it can lead to you getting cornered by enemies without any way to defend yourself - kempokid

8 Axe

I'm not as much of a fan of this weapon as most are, but I still appreciate how nice the range is and how you lunge when attacking from further away, as well as having a wide arc of attack. - kempokid

9 Staff

While the range of a dagger definitely makes this weapon a slightly harder sell, the fact that you can weaken enemies 20 tiles in front of you if you attack something makes it quite a bit easier to handle larger groups, as they will generally be weaker before you approach them. - kempokid

10 Spear

I'm not the biggest fan of this weapon due to it being a worse longsword that you can throw. Throwing your weapon in this game is almost always a bad idea, as it leaves you completely helpless until you pick it up again - kempokid

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