Top 10 Best Weapons in Battle Mode Lum Fight from Rayman M

Rayman M is the very first party game in the Rayman franchise. This game is on the Playstation 2 and this is the PAL version of game that I am talking about so that people would not get confused with Rayman Arena. But anyway this game is all about Rayman and his gang are having a competition in Race and Battle but my personal favorite mode in this game is the Battle Mode Lum Fight. So in this list I am counting down the top 10 best weapons in the Lum Fight mode.

P.S. This game is my favorite childhood game.

The Top Ten

1 Glue Bombs
2 Buzz Rocket
3 Rapid Bullet
4 Firework Bullet
5 Rubber Bullet
6 Ultimate Barrier
7 Item Leech
8 Hound Bullet
9 Flame Tongue Bullet
10 Fake Generator
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