Top Ten Weapons in Cyberpunk 2077

A list of these might-fined weapons found in the futuristic, sci-fi game.
The Top Ten
1 "Divided We Stand" Smart Assault Rifle

Best smart weapon to use against strong enemies, even against mechs and robots. You can find it in the 6th Street turf in Santa Domingo but you must complete a gun range challenge to win this rifle.

2 Overwatch Sniper Rifle

A strong, stealthy sniper rifle given by Panam Palmer when you help her rescue Saul from the Wraiths. A sniper can pack a hit on it's enemies and easy to take down heavy enemies as long you keep it upgraded.

3 The Mox Shotgun

The best shotgun in the game given by Judy Alvarez, this weapon can blast through everything, overwhelming the enemies and take down heavies.

4 Mantis Blades

If you wanna go full Wolverine or X-23, buy some Mantis blades and you can slash and stab through enemies and use certain abilities from mods like heat, poison or electric.

5 Malorian Arms 3516 Pistol

A strong, descent handgun made by Johnny Silverhand himself.

6 Ashura Smart Sniper Rifle

A useful smart sniper rifle that shoot enemies from distance with homing bullets, but the only problem it has is it's loading speed.

7 "Skippy", the Talking Smart Pistol

A talking gun take guide you to take down enemies and options are is using "Puppy Lover Pacifist" or "Stone Cold Killer" mode. If you want to keep the weapon, don't give it to fixer Regina Jones.

8 Archangel / Crash Revolver

Both revolvers are the same but different designs, but it can blast greatly especially on headshots.

9 Katana

If you want a descent blade without the use of Mantis Blades, use katanas and carve through anything.

10 Buzzsaw
The Contenders
11 Fenrir SMG
12 DS1 Pulsar
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