Top Ten Best Weapons to Destroy the Human Race


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1 Death Star Cannon

Figured this would have a pokemon reference in it but...naw - DapperPickle

I'll use this to destroy Justin Beiber - TwilightKitsune

2 Psychic Storm

Yes this will be a good weapon to use. It will control and make every one fight - Mewtwo_

This list is creepy

3 Earthquake Machine

It will shack the earth to nothing - Mewtwo_

4 Ticking Bomb
5 Water Machine

This list is pretty cool... we can kill Beiber - TwilightKitsune

It will flood the plannet - Mewtwo_

6 Weather Control Device

It wikk make hurricaned thunder and huge hsik there wikk be nithibg left - Mewtwo_

7 Ion Cannon

The laser will be big eniugh to destroy the world - Mewtwo_

8 Nuclear Missile

The key to eradication of land. - Delgia2k

No more life on earth when this hits. And there wikk be nothing less with a giant one. The earth might nit even be there any more - Mewtwo_

9 Alien Mother Ship Beam

Coool huge orbital strikes,death,destruction, epic weapon,and plus it's eco friendly,it shall stop carbon emissions! - Toucan

10 Black Hole Creating Device

Where can I buy one? - TwilightKitsune

This is a good list. :)
Where do you buy these again?

The Contenders

11 Chemical Missile

It wikk bring asses to the earth - Mewtwo_

12 Tsar Bomba
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1. Alien Mother Ship Beam
2. Death Star Cannon
3. Black Hole Creating Device
1. Psychic Storm
2. Death Star Cannon
3. Earthquake Machine


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